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Giving Employees Unsupervised Access to Skype is a Horrible Idea


Skype is become a popular tool for internal as well as external business communications across the globe. You are probably using it or planning on using it too in your company. While that is a smart decision and is likely to make the communication channel far more efficient than traditional mediums like emails and memos, you must take necessary measures to protect your business from its potential pitfalls. When you give your employees access to Skype, you can’t really be sure if they’ll be using it for strictly work purposes. They might be misusing it right under your nose without letting you catch a whiff of it if you grant them the privilege without taking any necessary precaution to prevent its abuse. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons that make Skype monitoring at work a necessity.

Neglecting Work for Inconsequential Conversations

It doesn’t take much to distract employees from work. Skype facilitates their escape from a boring routine by making it extremely convenient for them to start chit chatting with their colleagues. To the naked eye, it may look like they are not doing anything unusual, and a direct inquiry is unlikely to get you an honest answer. They can continue conversing on Skype for hours and you won’t even know about it. Of course you want your employees to bond with each other, but not at the expense of efficiency. Keeping tabs on their Skype will certainly help you take care of this problem.

Making Personal Calls

Another huge issue that you’re likely to face upon giving employees unsupervised access to Skype is that they’ll use it as an opportunity to video chat with friends and family. This problem is particularly common in companies where employees are provided laptops with a built-in camera. Again, this is a huge productivity-killer and therefore should not be ignored. Furthermore, an employee video chatting with someone tends to distract and disturb others as well, thus taking a toll on the workplace environment. To discourage this practice, installing an employee monitoring software on their work machines is a must.

Leaking Company Data to Third Party

Data leakage is one of the biggest pitfalls of internet-heavy workplaces. It has gotten easier than ever for crooked employees to secretly siphon internet data or secrets out of the company to an interested party, mostly a competitor, in exchange for money. Although the biggest culprits are emails and texting apps, Skype is not exactly innocent either. It works both as a chat application and a video camera, thus increasing the number of options for a snitch to deliver confidential data to a third party. Again, you can’t really tell from a distance if your employees are engaged in business communications or corrupt practices. The only way you can know for sure is by monitoring their Skype use at work electronically.