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Facebook’s “Moments” Could Be an Answer to Our Privacy Woes


An app that lets you share things in the most private manner possible? Well it seems like there’s finally an app for that. Facebook has become notorious for not giving much of a thought to its increasingly open nature. Something that its users have griped about time and again. However, in the most recent news it seems like Facebook is trying to do its bid to actually help maintain privacy, instead of the opposite.

Privacy Problems

Let’s face it, most of us can’t figure out heads or tails of Facebook’s privacy settings. They have gone through so many transformations through the years that it’s complicated to actually sit and take stock of what is even going on. Of course we have the most basic of our basis covered, but that’s not nearly enough. Then there’s the problem of sharing too little or sharing too much – with the wrong people. While Facebook does have handy lists which can help you sort through your friends, it’s still not as easy to sift through which people belong where.

“Moments” is supposed to be a sweet break from this problem. The new app is meant to help people manage their post sharing more efficiently. Currently it’s being tested and is still in the design phase. While it isn’t going to be coming out anytime soon we should all be excited that it’s being worked on. Not a lot of information is being made available about the app as things stand and it isn’t surprising. But should the app become a part of the Facebook infrastructure we’re going to see a clear overhaul of how sharing takes place on the network.

Why We Need It

You put up a status and your boss sees it when they weren’t supposed to. Something you meant to share with just your friends ends up as a public post. Intimate messages end up where they shouldn’t have gone. We all have either experienced this first hand, or we know a whole lot of people who have been through it.

The lists are a great idea for us to segregate and categorize the people that we know, but they don’t always get the job done. Often we’re left looking at people who fall neatly into a certain list only to realize they might not always fit into the box that well. This app could actually help us de-clutter the categorization process itself. So when you think of sharing that picture of your bachelorette party you can rest assured that it hasn’t landed in your grandmas feed. This app really does sound like something every Facebook user desperately needs.

At the end of the day something like “Moments” could be heaven sent. Especially since, even though we may not want to admit it, we are not going to be getting off the social networking train (and specifically Facebook) anytime soon. Better privacy and better control on content is one way Facebook can get its users to stay on the platform, and stay happy.


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