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New Facebook Spy Tool Lets You Read Messenger Conversations


Mobistealth has been around for quite some time, but recently, it has introduced a new feature that allows you to keep tabs on someone else’s Messenger app. If you are looking to use cell phone spy software on someone, this is a perfect tool for it. Most of the people are communicating through Facebook these days, so if you want to spy on them, having an app capable of keeping an eye on Messenger conversations does help. This Facebook spy tool is efficient and easy to use. Even if you are not familiar with the spy apps, you will feel right at home when making use of Mobistealth.

There are a lot of reasons and incidents that need to the use phone spy app to look in to the messenger of someone. Most commonly, parents are in need of such apps the most. They don’t know what their kids are doing on Facebook and with whom are they sharing their stuff. Where it might be a source of entertainment only, but sometimes a simple chat can turn in to a bullying material and can ruin the life of a kid. Parents need to be aware of such things.

Mobistealth can be quite helpful for parents as it lets them know what their kids are doing on Facebook. This monitoring app lets parents know what their kids are posting on Facebook, who they are chatting with on Facebook Messenger, and what sort of conversations they are having with others.

Kids are more likely to come across harmful internet dangers on social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. The only way to protect your kids from those dangers is to install a monitoring app on their smartphone and keep track of their social media activities.

Just like Facebook, kids can face severe harmful online threats on other social media apps including Snapchat. Sexting, online predating, and even cyberbullying are quite common on apps like Snapchat. However, with an effective and reliable Snapchat hack tool, you can monitor your kid’s entire Snapchat activity including the text messages, photos, and videos that they exchange with others.

How Does it Work?

The first question that would pop in your mind is how actually is it going to work? The answer to that is quite simple actually. All you have to do is install Mobistealth app on your target’s smartphone. Once that’s done, you will be able to track all of their Facebook conversations.

No matter who they talk to, what they talk about, and what kind of content is being exchanged, you will be notified about each and everything. Every single message that they receive or send will be available for you to see. You can check if your kids have shared something inappropriate or are talking about something they shouldn’t, etc. Knowing these things through the use of cell phone spy app will make smart parenting easier for you.

Even if the person you are spying on deletes the conversation afterward, it won’t have any impact on the app. It will still provide you with all the conversations that have taken place through the Messenger app.

More Spying Features

Having an eye on Facebook Messenger certainly helps, but Mobistealth doesn’t stop here. It also comes with WhatsApp logging, Snapchat logging, Skype logging, Viber logging, and much more. Just like you are able to read the conversations that happen on Facebook, you are also able to keep tabs on all of the mentioned apps. With these extended features, you can monitor your kids in several ways, and fulfill other monitoring purposes easily.

The list of offered features doesn’t end here either, as this spy tool also enables you to track your target’s location at all times. Usually, the tracking is done through GPS, but Mobistealth goes a step beyond and gives you the location of your target even when GPS is turned off.

Moreover, there is another feature that tracks the web browsing activity of your target. You will be able to see what sites they are visiting, how often they are being visited, what are the links your target is going to the most, etc. Even if they get rid of their browser history, it won’t affect Mobistealth as it will still be providing you with regular updates on the website history.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Mobistealth offers a ton more including pictures and video logging, access to call logs, location tracking through SMS, and access to all contacts, apps list, Gmail logging, regular SMS logging, and more.

So, basically, you get everything you expect from a spying tool in a single app, and that’s a great deal. If you have been looking to spy on someone, then Mobistealth is the best solution to get it done. Whether you want to spy on your employees, or use cell phone spy features on your kids, this app will make sure you get to know what you seek.

Along with that, this app can help you monitor someone’s social media activity. All you need to do is install the Mobistealth monitoring app on the target phone and secretly track their social media activities.