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Facebook Monitoring - How to Protect Your Kids?

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Where this is the era of technology, kids are more into digital life and there is no way that you can stop them. There are a lot of things that kids demand, but access to smartphones and the internet is one of the most difficult things. Usually, parents don’t want to provide their kids with the facility of the internet and smartphone but they can’t deny either.


We know very well that the kids of this era not only get what they want but also get rebellious with the parents upon not getting their wish fulfilled. And we all know how needy they are with the use of smartphones.


Facebook is one of the most entertaining platforms that we have. Especially the last decade has been the decade of Facebook and now almost everyone around us has an account there. The good thing about Facebook is that it brings entertainment and fun even when your real life is frustrating and you are exhausted.


The bad part is that it is not only fun, but it has a lot of dangers for kids who often practice misuse of internet. Kids are in danger no matter if parents believe it or not.


Usually, parents don’t want their kids to have their accounts on Facebook, but they know very well that even if they don’t allow it, their kids will find a way. When kids find their ways outside of their parents’ territory, you can expect much worse things.


So, to not to make it worse, it is better to let them use Facebook but also pursue Facebook monitoring along the side to keep an eye on them. If you monitor them, you will be able to keep a check on them and see what they have been doing on Facebook.


Why Do You Need Facebook Monitoring?


Most parents believe that their kids don’t need Facebook monitoring as they can handle things on their own. Also, some parents are naïve enough to think that there is nothing dangerous or wrong with Facebook.

But is that right? Anyone who goes through the internet and news would know that Facebook has caused too much trouble in kids and somehow ruined their childhood too. Let’s take a look at the reasons that lead to such things:




We all know how kids find Facebook as their second life and how much they want to impress everyone over there. Now, you might think that it is all for fun but it is too much serious for some kids and it hurts them a lot when that reputation is ruined.


Cyberbullying is one of the most common practices on social media, especially on Facebook where kids use each other’s secrets to humiliate on social media. This has gone too far that even the kids who are sensitive have tried committing suicide to avoid the humiliation.


If you see anything wrong with your kid, you need to check their social media and the things they have been doing there. You should also use parental control software to keep them on track. You will get the idea if there is something wrong there.




Facebook is like a home to predators. They know how innocent kids join Facebook to find friends and make a lot of connections. They target these kids to lure them into their trap. First, they behave like well-wishers and then they extract the information from the kids.


Once they have enough information to blackmail the kids, they use that to ruin their life. They make them do things and lure them into wrong things. You need to beware of such things with your kids as you don’t want them to be trapped in such dangers.




Kids are bound to make new friends and connections on social media as they love to do it. Soon those friendships turn into relationships and they do whatever they can do to make them work. Although we know that these sorts of relationships are never real and they don’t last long at all, kids don’t know any of this so they easily fall into the trap.


To make these relationships work, kids agree to sext. Sexting involves the exchange of content of inappropriate and sexual nature. Parents would never approve their kids to use such content and that’s why they hide it as much as they can from their parents.


Little do they know that this content can be used by the other person to blackmail them or to humiliate them when there is a fire of revenge. Sexting usually ends at a very bad stage when kids pursue it.


Use the Best Facebook Monitoring Tools


Facebook monitoring is very important especially when it comes to the safety of the kids. And when it comes to that, you need the best app at your side to pursue It. Mobistealth gives you the best platform to monitor your kids and take care of them when they get in trouble. You must keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are not making any such mistakes and that they are not being trapped in any of these dangers.


Along with monitoring them, you must also guide them about the right and wrong of social media and the internet. They should know how to use it correctly so that they can use it with confidence and tackle things on their own.


However, if things go wrong, they can come to you. You shouldn’t scold them for making mistakes because that’s what kids do and that’s how they learn. You just have to be there for them.

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