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If employees are stealing, what are they taking?


Many employers are uneasy when it comes to the idea of an employee hacking into the business’ accounts, but it is something that can happen to any business. Some employers may want to know what employees are likely to take away from a company and the lawyers and law firms on JD Supra have compiled a list.

Intellectual property is one of the main items that gets taken from businesses. The companies that are the most vulnerable could be start-ups because they do not take the measures necessary to protect their important information, according to the news outlet. Additionally, trade secrets and wages are also things that employees may target along with money, and merchandise. Identities is another issue, as some employees may have access to certain records that can be quite detrimental if they fall into the wrong hands.

“HR records contain sensitive information, and its protection is of paramount importance,” the news source reports. “Social Security numbers, birthdates, the identity of family members, health information and other details provide fertile ground for hands-on and cyber identity thieves.”

Finally employees also take away from productivity. A survey in 2009 showed that 55 percent of all employees check social media sites at least once a week, and 20 percent admitted to doing so while at work, according to the news source. Since social media has been rapidly growing in popularity, it is safe to say that number has increased since that survey was administered.

Many employers are well aware of the items employees may take advantage of and have already installed employee monitoring systems to prevent the issue. Software companies are also trying to find ways to help employers out. For instance, Ernst & Young recently launched an application that tracks employees while they are traveling. This way, employers are able to find out the location of their worker without compiling any personal information.

“Multiple visits to the same country in a single year can trigger tax and immigration risks,” said Dina Pyron, an Ernst & Young director. “A combination of our existing traveler risk and compliance services, together with our smartphone technology and Tracer app, will help companies send their people where they need to and stay on the right side of the law.”


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