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Employees beware of using social media sites while at work


Social media has made its mark on the world, and it certainly is not going anywhere. Now, employees are spending time at work on some of the most popular sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Employers are starting to monitor what staff members are doing on their computers, so workers need to keep their social media time outside of the office, according to The Toronto Star.

Employees will be notified if they are being monitored at a workplace, and they need to respect that before it fails them. Companies also need to follow through with the monitoring.

“You don’t want an employee to feel spied upon, but make sure they understand that [companies] have the ability to monitor their use of social media,” Erin Kuzz, a lawyer, told the news source. “Make sure that maybe every month or two you do in fact do some monitoring. And make sure that employees understand that if you say you’re going to monitor, you’re going to monitor.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a number of companies are coming straight out with the fact that they have installed employee monitoring software. It should come as no surprise if an employee hears about something they posted on Facebook while at work.

Companies are even banning social media sites on their computer-owned computers. A survey by Society of Human Resource Management found that 43 percent of companies already do so.

During an orientation at AAA, it was “made clear there was monitoring,” Ginnie Pritchett told the media outlet. “They give a level of the responsibility to the employee to make sure they are using social media wisely, for professional purposes.”

The same goes for Re/Max employees. “They want you to be professional,” real estate agent Karen Arbutine told the media outlet. “You know, don’t put a picture of you out on a Friday night.”

A number of college students and young professionals admit that they strongly rely on social media. A survey by Cisco Systems of 3,000 members of this group showed that a third ranked internet in importance with air, water, food and shelter. Even though this generation finds the internet so imperative, they still have to leave it at home, as it could impact their professions.