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Employee Monitoring Software: The Fine Line Between Its Use and Abuse


Productivity issues at workplace have run rampant in the past decade, and employers believe that the main reason behind these problems is the non-serious attitude of the employees. They waste most of their time at workplace calling other people, texting their friends, visiting non-work related websites, watching random videos, etc. and these time wasting habits of theirs hurt the overall company’s performance. To deal with this lack of productivity, employers around the globe have started to seek help from employee monitoring software like Mobistealth, but most of them don’t realize that there’s a fine line between their usage and abuse. As an employer, you can monitor certain activities with monitoring solutions, but there are some things that you really should stay away from.

Fair Usage Keeps Everyone Happy

You are obviously worried about your company’s performance and believe that your employees are not putting in as much effort as they should. So with monitoring solution, your goal should be to keep tabs on your employees’ activity just enough so that they stay focused on work. In no capacity are you allowed to snoop in on their personal messages or calls, or even their location. You are given the power and with great power, comes great responsibility. Just make sure that none of the employees are wasting their time in the workplace and your company will regain its footing in no time. The main purpose of installing monitoring solution should be to deal with the few bad apples, and it shouldn’t exceed this purpose in any way. If you turn monitoring into spying, then it will have its consequences.

Be Careful About the Fine Line

When you are monitoring someone, you are literally given an option to intrude into their personal lives. This is where you should be careful and stay within your limit. If you spy on your employees’ personal activities and they find out about it, then you can face a lot of legal heat. Also, when installing monitoring software in the workplace, do tell all the people there. You cannot keep tabs on their workplace activities without their consent. You can certainly try but sooner or later, someone is going to find out about your little endeavor and is going to report you to higher authorities. It will cause distrust in the organization, employees may start to leave, and the worst case scenario would be if someone files a lawsuit against you and your company for spying. You will have zero percent chance of winning this case and depending on the size of your organization you may lose everything you ever owned. So the thin line between fine usage and misuse should be kept in mind, and should not be crossed in any given scenario.

Running a successful business is not an easy thing to do especially in the competitive world we live in today. To put people in line and increase productivity at workplace you need to take help from monitoring software and its fine. However, just like everything out there, monitoring solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. If you use them the right way, your employees will not complain about being monitored and are more than likely to keep their focus on the given tasks. However, if you don’t utilize these tools in the right way, and intrude in other people’s lives, then things can pretty ugly for both you and your company.