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Distrust Causing Countries to Ask for Source Code from Major Security Companies


The people who have built security companies from ground up know that the all-important part of their business is the source code. However, nowadays when hacking attacks have become frequent, governments have began to get worried and started asking for source code of their digital products from any company that wants to do business on their turf. Some companies agree to share everything irrespective of their preference, while others chose keep a few things hidden. Bottom line is that a security company cannot just go to any country and start selling its product until the government of that nation allows it.

Hackers and Security Companies

Hackers have become extremely proficient nowadays as they are able to find backdoors and gain entry into areas where they aren’t supposed to be. Government spying agencies like NSA have been known for their spying already, so a bit of unease and skepticism is already in the air. A little bit of privacy that people are left with, and they don’t want to let it go, but hackers, spy apps, and security businesses are making it pretty hard for them to get their wish. This has led to asking of source codes of most of the security companies.

Symantec is one of the biggest security firms around and when asked to give its source code, it did. However, the exchange happened in a controlled environment and Symantec had control over almost everything. On the other hand, Intel is doing quite the opposite of Symantec, as it stated clearly that it will not respond to any requests for source code from any country. Another major name in the security industry – Avast has never been asked for their source code but they have made their intentions pretty clear. Avast’s CEO Vince Steckler stated that his company has no intention of handing over the source code to the requesting governments, though he went on to concede that no such requests have been made by any government yet.

Global Warfare of the New Age

It’s good to see governments showing so much concern about their security, but in the midst of all this, security companies are getting affected. If a brand belongs to the US, then it is very difficult for it to make its name in the countries which are its adversaries like China and Russia. Same is the case with Russia, as they will not allow an Israel-made hardware or software to work in their country. Almost all of the nations have their spy agencies focused on different targets and it’s their job to spy, so it’s not that much of a surprise that those agencies want to keep an eye on a security firms. If these companies are willing to cooperate, they can then do their business without any problem, but if they aren’t cooperating, then they will have to stay out of that particular market. That is the new world order.