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How to Detect and Get Rid of Keyloggers on Windows PC


Cybercrimes have been spreading like wildfire lately and one of the main reasons behind them are the keyloggers like Mobistealth. These spy software can easily be picked up online. Once installed, they serve as spyware and keep information of each and every word that is typed in your computer. Software like these come from a lot of different sources, and the worst part is that you can’t do anything about them. Fortunately, there are some ways to find and get rid of these keyloggers, and we are going to share them with you.

Check Authorized Programs

Nothing can work on your computer unless you allow it. But the problem with us is that we are very careless when it comes to installing stuff on our computer. As a result, we end up downloading spyware without even realizing it. We don’t even know what we’ve downloaded, so detecting spyware can prove to be a difficult task. However, there’s a simple way of keeping track of what you have installed. Just go to the Control Panel and check out all the downloaded software. You will most likely come across the spyware right here. Occasionally, hackers disguise their keyloggers as hardware, so you should also keep an eye out for something that’s not in your computer but still shows up in the panel. Once you have got your eyes on the culprit, get rid of it.

Control + Alt + Delete

Whenever you are in trouble, you call Microsoft’s digital thugs for help by pressing Control, Alt and Delete together. The situation is at its worst when a spyware is functioning on your computer, so it’s time to call the thugs once again. After pressing Control+Alt+Delete, open task manager and take a look in the Processes tab. Here you will find every software that’s running on your computer. If you find something fishy, search about it on Google. If it is a spyware, then there certainly would be reports about it on the web. Get the application’s name, and turn it off. Now search your computer for that particular name and you will come across the real culprit behind the spyware. Just uninstall that software to get rid of the problem altogether.


Another way to detect and get rid of spyware is through anti-malware. These software are available in abundance on the web and most of them work pretty well. They will keep out almost all types of malware, allowing you to continue your internet usage without any problem.

Don’t Click on Random Stuff

Now this is the most important step which people usually ignore. It will not help you detect any malware, but would rather allow you to keep them away. If you are downloading something, then make sure that you click on the right download icon. If there are more than one download icons on a page, then try to avoid that page altogether. If you get a strange email telling you to open something, don’t open it. Malware are easy to keep out, but very difficult to get rid of. Knowing that, it is advised that you exercise due caution before downloading anything or visiting any website.