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Death of Online Privacy: People or Social Networking Platforms Responsible?


Ever since the dawn of social networking sites, online privacy has become a thing of the past. Even a little bit of privacy that was put on offer in the beginning has been taken away. In fairness to the social networking platforms, we have to admit that a large number of people didn’t really care about the privacy options even when they were present. Most of the pictures or videos that were shared or uploaded were set to be seen by public, but there were options and people who wanted to use them, did. However, that’s not the case anymore as the privacy options have almost been removed.

Who’s to Blame?

Online privacy has indeed been killed off to a large extent, but who exactly is at fault? The people who created these platforms or the users? Well, we have to give this one to the users because as soon as social networking sites arrived, people started to feel like they were a celebrity. So instead of thinking about privacy, they wanted more and more people to follow them. To make it happen, they started sharing pictures, videos, and even their innermost thoughts with the public. People responded to each of their actions, allowing them to feel exactly like a celebrity would. This became a trend soon and almost everyone was in on the fashion. A large number of people started to post stuff about themselves publicly so social networks decided to drop many of the most basic online privacy-related restrictions altogether.

Social Networks Gave What People Wanted

Seeing the trend, almost all the major social networking platforms dropped most of the basic online privacy settings, especially on the profile pictures as they made them viewable by public. Now that happened after recent updates, but even before then, the most popular networking site Facebook had a loophole that allowed anyone with some knowledge of internet to view anyone’s profile picture with ease. The update that took off the restrictions and allowed public viewing of profile pictures didn’t really bother anyone because lack of privacy has become a norm in this time and age. People who do care about their privacy have stopped posting pictures, but the percentage of these users is very low.

A World without Privacy

You have to accept the fact that the world we live in now has no concern for privacy. Even after learning that major security related organizations are spying on people, nobody really got bothered, and the issue was nipped in the bud soon after its reveal. This gives us a pretty good idea of how people think in the modern day. People nowadays want more and more users to take interest in their lives so that they can show off how good of a life they’ve got. The worst part is that this practice is catching on and even the users who did care about their privacy at one time have given in to the trend.

To sum it up, we can safely agree on the worrisome fact that privacy indeed is dead, and it was killed off not by the social networking platforms but by us, the people, ourselves.