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Days of Data Leakage Coming to an End, Courtesy of Mobistealth


Employers all over the world are seeking a reliable way to mitigate the threat of data leakage, a consequence of granting digital privileges to employees in workplaces. If you’re among the hunting party and haven’t found the solution that you’ve been searching for, then that’s probably because you haven’t been looking in the right direction. The answer to your data leakage woes lies in Mobistealth, a monitoring software that empowers you to stay on top of all digital devices and communications in your workplace. With such kind of power and control at the tips of your fingers, you can rest assured that nobody is going to get away with leaking your company’s sensitive secrets.

Putting Eyes on Every Screen in the Workplace

Physical supervision is a thing of the past. A more efficient and convenient alternative exists in the form of electronic monitoring, and that is precisely where Mobistealth really shines. Once installed on a PC, the software starts logging every digital activity performed on the said device and transmits the recorded information to an online server which can be accessed by an authorized person from anywhere at any time. It becomes possible for you to get a clear idea about what’s happening on every single computer in a workplace right from your own computer or cell phone. With such oversight and insight at your fingertips, there is no way any data is going to leave your company walls without your knowledge.

Mitigating the Risk of Data Loss through Mobile Devices

Cell phones have become a norm in workplaces. That is not necessarily a bad thing since they have a lot to contribution to the running of a business. However, you would definitely want to put eyes on all cell phones in your employees’ use so that the devices aren’t used to siphon critical data out of the workplace. This again can be easily achieved through Mobistealth. It’s iPhone and Android solution offer just the right mix of features to secure all channels through which data can possibly be leaked. This includes calls, text messages, chat apps, emails, photo gallery, and video gallery. With the app on the job, you’ve got absolutely no reason to worry about losing to a crooked employee.

Exposing Secret Rendezvous with Competitors

If you suspect your employees of secretly meeting your competitors and sharing company secrets with them, then the only thing left to do is to confirm whether your fears are unfounded or if you really are being stabbed in the back. Mobistealth helps you unearth the truth by giving you detailed location information of your employees, provided they have the company-provided Mobistealth-installed cell phone with them. You can remotely track their physical location and confirm if your employees are rendezvousing with your business rivals against your company’s interests. If and once your suspicion is confirmed, you can easily take the necessary action against the disloyal employee to protect your company from further harm.


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