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Cyberbullying: After School App Gets The Boot


With each new day we have some developer or the other coming up with a new app that is targeted at youngster. Most recently, the trend has been targeting tweens and teens at an increasing rate. “After School” was one more app that aimed to tap into the market through kids. However, it took only a little while for the app to turn into a real problem for kids, and now it seems like the App Store has given it the boot.

Another Name In The Pile

After school was another addition in a long line of apps that are vying to help teens and tweens say things they otherwise wouldn’t say. It allows kids to sign up and see/share things with only those that are from their own schools. Sharing secrets has never been easier, the problem is that most kids don’t just use these apps and platform to share their secrets, they use them to harass other kids. It would have helped contain a lot of problems if this particular app actually came with an age rating which could help parents prevent their children from downloading it. As of right now we don’t know whether Apple itself took down After School or if the app was removed by the people that created it. But most are glad that it’s gone.

Off To A Bad Start

This is one app that didn’t waste time in gaining notoriety. After its release in October it became a huge hit with kids in Michigan and then became the subject of concern for authorities. Detroit School districts released a warning to parents about the app in terms of how it was being used to target children. The episode reminded people of Yik Yak and how it had wreaked havoc on all those involved. High schools are a charged place indeed, and it seems like putting something like After School into the mix is never a good idea. The app was also used to post a threat of a school shooting, because this was done anonymously there was no immediate way of telling who or where the threat came from. The issue is currently under investigation by the FBI.

The Need For Some Control

Apps such as these would not be able to do the damage they do if parents actually knew what was going on within their child’s devices – be it a phone or a tablet. Parental control software gets a lot of flack, but no one can argue the potential good that comes along with them. Would we prefer a school shoot out actually take place, or that the parents spot the issue with their kid and deal with it before disaster happens?

The app is still fully functional at this time. While its removal from the App Store got a big round of applause from many, there’s still no telling how much more damage it will cause before it is completely shut down.