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Here’s What You Need to be a Cool Secret Agent


Do you want to know the secrets of your friends? Are you interested in becoming a spy, or an undercover agent just for fun’s sake? If yes, then you are lucky to live in this world full of technology. Now, there are thousands of spying apps available in the digital market, designed for those adventurers who want to see the world from a different angle. We’ve shared a few of these apps with you to help you live your dream of spying on others. Have fun and remember to be safe.


So, you want to know about the secret trips of your friend, who always have an excuse to ditch you. Well, Mobistealth is exactly what you need to bust them. It tracks the location of target device without letting the user know. You can also read the text messages, Skype and Facebook chat and emails with this software, but it is better not to do so as your friend may find you freaky and scary for doing such a thing.

Spy Message

If you do not want any third person to know about this secret agent and spying thing you are doing, then you must install spy message app on your smart phone. This smart app deletes the message sent by you after a fixed period of time, thus curbing the threat of unauthorized access to these messages. Now, you can share your secret spying plans with your team on mobile without worrying about blowing your cover.

Secret Agent Fake Call

If you never want to get caught while spying, then Secret Agent Fake Call is a great option. The pre-recorded calls are exactly what you need to make a getaway when your friends become suspicious of your activities.

Mobile Hidden Camera

The list of best spying application is incomplete without the Mobile Hidden Camera app. As the name indicates, this app can capture images and even take videos silently. You can take funny images of your friends and then tease them afterwards. You can even blackmail them to get an extra treat as no one wants his funny images to be displayed on social media.

Ear Spy

Spying has never been as easy and simple as it is with the Ear Spy application. This app can easily fool everyone present in your surroundings. You just need to put earphones in your ear and launch this app. It amplifies the sound present in your surroundings allowing you to listen to the other people’s conversation without letting them know. No one can guess that you are eavesdropping on them, as this app makes it look like the user is listening to music.

What’s interesting about these apps is that they can make anyone a great spy. In addition, they are easy and simple to use. Take your dream of becoming a spy to the next level by downloading these apps on your smartphone.