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Commercial Monitoring Drones have Arrived


“The price for safety is the loss of privacy.” This seems to be the new definition of privacy. Different spy agencies in the world have been keeping track of online activities of users through tools much more powerful than commercial monitoring solutions like Mobistealth, claiming it is for their own safety. With all this spying going on, it was only a matter of time before drones were turned into spying machines as well. That time has arrived, and since the start of this year, February to be more precise, numerous drones have been flying in the San Fernando valley of Los Angeles. These drones are able to track mobiles’ locations and Wi-Fi signal transmission.

It has been reported that these drones are a part of an experiment performed by a marketing firm called AdNear, which is located in Singapore. The company assures that their drones are not collecting personal conversations or any critical information. It just utilizes the signal strength, cell tower triangulation and some other indicators to track down the devices.

AdNear is looking to make these drones for small and medium businesses which are in abundance but are unable to do their marketing very effectively. Users will have to download AdNear’s app on to their mobile phones and by doing so, they will start to receive marketing offers from the small stores around them. For example, if you are passing by a coffee shop that is registered with AdNear, you will be able to see their offers of the day and any special discounts that they might be offering.

Tracking is a big Advantage

Although, some people might say that AdNear’s drones are just another mode of spying, but you have to admit that the tracking services provided by the app could really come in handy. Installing this app on your phones will keep track of your location all the time, which could prove to be quite helpful, especially in the instance of theft. You could easily track down the thief with the indicators and get your device back safe and sound.

Another advantage of this app could be for parents, who don’t see their kids throughout the day. But with this app installed on their kids’ mobile phones, parents will be able to keep track of their children’s location all the time.

Drones Are Quite Effective

AdNear explains that their company is not new as they have been doing this job in Asia for quite some time now. However, in Asian region, the tracking has been done on bikes, cars, and other ground-based vehicles, though they have not proved to be as effective as drones. With drones, the process of tracking becomes a whole lot easier and users are able to get all the information they want without much of a hassle.

Is Data Received By AdNear Really Safe?

As mentioned above, AdNear does not want to spy on users’ personal conversations, but this does not mean that other crackers or hackers will also play by the rules. There is a possibility that someone skilled enough will hack into the drones and get their hands on users’ data. Nothing can be said with certainty at this point because the product is in experimental phase. However, as the development progresses, AdNear will have to take security precautions as well in order to give users a sense of safety and privacy while using the company’s services.