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CloudAlloy’s New Move for Better Cloud Security


CloudAlloy is planning to make security a little easier when it comes to the cloud. How? By breaking up documents stored within into several different pieces. Despite the many benefits that cloud technology brings with it, none of us can ignore the security flaws that are at play.

A New Hope

Many companies have traditionally shied away from cloud services because they aren’t sure of what happens to their content once it’s sent to a cloud facility. CloudAlloy is trying to change that. They debuted their new project at the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt and showed off a safer way to use cloud. Any document that you send to cloud will be broken down into several pieces and then spread out all over the cloud service itself. The document or file will then be reassembled as soon as you try to access it.

The pieces that are broken up will be encrypted of course, so the process doesn’t just involve putting them in separate areas to block unauthorized access. Hacker aren’t going to be able to fit the pieces back together, it is because they don’t have the blueprint with which they can put the puzzle back together.

New Horizons

Right now the service is compatible with HP, Microsoft, Google and Amazon S3. There is the potential of a hybrid model that combines public cloud services with data centers. It is the layering of different services that allows for augmented security. The more services that a user layers the better it is in terms of spreading out the documents.

Before you start freaking out about what happens when the document is broken apart and then put back together, relax. The creators of CloudAlloy are certain that there is no room for error or delay that would affect your ability to access any of your data. The only problem scenario that could happen is if the cloud service itself goes down, even that is a fixable dilemma as a little bit extra data is stored for each piece that is broken up, that data helps put the document back together despite the fallen service. Of course, there are no free lunches in this world and this particular service requires an extra fee.

What in the Future

While the service maybe in its initial stages at the moment it is going to be made available on more platforms in the future. For now it’s just the four vendors that they are working with, but this will change with time. CloudAlloy may also be heading for desktop systems and mobile devices in the future.

Security concerns are a large part of how people act and react within the digitized world. This sort of tech can help alleviate reservations about cloud platforms thereby augmenting its use.