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How to Choose the Best Antivirus Solution for Your PC


When hackers sneak into people’s personal computers, there’s not a lot they can do about the safety of their data. Hackers are becoming more and more proficient with each passing day, and now they are able to sneak malware on to people’s computers with ease. To counter these hackers, users will have to seek help from the best antivirus software available on the web. The problem here is that how would a user know which antivirus to go for, as there are hundreds of them to choose from. This is where we come in as we have shared some criteria and features that you must look for before selecting and downloading an antivirus onto your computer.

Malware Scans

The first thing you should check is whether it’s capable of scanning all sorts of malware. Not a lot of people are aware that there are multiple types of malware lurking on the web, which is why they download any software that pops up in front of them. This is not a good move as you must thoroughly search about the antivirus that you are about to download. If it’s not getting rid of all or most malware, then it is useless.

Email Scanning

A large number of spam emails are sent to different users. Even more users open them and download links that are present in them. This is where you’ll need help of antivirus software and it can only happen if the antivirus you installed contains this feature.

Download Protection

There are some websites which, upon visiting, will start to download certain malicious software on to your computer without your permission or knowledge. Antivirus, however, will protect you against such websites and will always ask your permission before downloading anything on to your computer.


This is another important feature you must look for. In this day and age, it’s very difficult to find time for a scan that runs for hours on end. Speed of scans is very important and you must not settle for anything less than the very best.


It’s good that you want security, but it doesn’t mean that you put all of your cash on buying one antivirus. Keep searching and you will come across some decent antivirus software that will not only deal with all of your malware issues, but will also cost less.

Stay Updated

A new kind of malware is rolled out on the web every few seconds, which is why antivirus software has to stay updated. Usually, the developers behind these software keep on releasing new updates to take on the new threats, but users get lazy and ignore them. The older version of course is not capable of dealing with the new malware, which renders your installed antivirus completely useless.

Support Staff

If you are using antivirus to get rid of malware on regular basis, then a time will come when you will start experiencing issues with it. This is where you will need help of good support staff. Most of the major developers producing antivirus have groomed staff that cooperates with the users rather well, but there are still some support staff members that aren’t too friendly or helpful. You should try talking to them first before making the purchase.