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Chat Apps in the Workplace is Bad News for Business


Chat apps seem to be everywhere these days, and that is hardly a surprise. The likes of WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, etc. sure have introduced unprecedented convenience into communication, while offering several additional options like voice messages and media sharing among other things. Unfortunately, the popularity of these apps is having an undesirable effect on businesses. This is particularly true of workplaces the smartphone use of employees is not electronically monitored. If you are an employer, then maybe you would want to reconsider your decision to allow your employees to use chat apps in the workplace. There are several reasons behind this suggestion, all of which have been briefly explained below.

Creates Unnecessary Distraction

This is perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls of allowing your employees to indulge in chat apps while at work. You may be under the impression that you are doing the right thing by offering employees a bit of freedom to engage in personal activities from time to time. However, what you don’t realize is that your leniency is likely to backfire. Talking to friends and family almost always beats work duties in terms of priority and interest. With so many things to discuss and argue over, so many plans to make and jokes to share, you really need to be drunk on optimism to believe that your employees will disconnect themselves from the ongoing chats on WhatsApp and other such apps to focus on the work at hand.

Harms the Workplace Decorum

Work environment has a huge role to play in raising employees’ productivity and getting the business sailing smoothly towards its goals. However, even if a single employee spends a significant amount of time on chat apps, it can prove detrimental to business interests due to its contagious nature. Other employees are bound to notice how that one person is getting away with ignoring work, while the rest of them are having to work so hard. Soon, they will start becoming casual towards their work as well and spend their time leisurely. You cannot allow the workplace decorum to experience or stay in this state of disruption as it can have serious consequences for your business.

Offers Multiple Options for Data Leakage

Data leakage is an unfortunate reality that is far more common than you think. Until a few years ago, you simply had to keep an eye on your employees’ email exchanges and phone calls to prevent an employee from stabbing your business in the back. Now, with the arrival of chat apps, crooked employees have found a whole new set of options to siphon sensitive data out of the workplace, usually to a competitor. The data may be leaked in the form of text, picture, audio, and even video. Monitoring your employees’ chat app use may be a smart decision, but perhaps an even smarter decision would be to impose a complete ban on their use during work hours.