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Cell phones becoming useful safety tools


Cell phone technology has come a long way. Something that started out as a simple tool to call individuals while on the go has now turned into a mobile computer that people take everywhere with them. Now, these smartphones are being used as safety tools thanks to various applications and software.

There are applications for almost everything – individuals can check the weather, find nearby restaurants or play a slew of different games. Now, they are also able to potentially avoid a DUI. Developers have recently come out with an application that tells its users if they have had too much to drink and should not drive.

The application is based off of one of the common field sobriety tests that police will administer if they pull someone over. The phone will take pictures of the eye as it moves on the screen to see if the person is over the .08 limit.

Though it remains to be seen whether individuals will make the right decision after taking the phone sobriety test, it is quite amazing that the application can accurately indicate if the person is over the legal limit.

The safety features of phones doesn’t end there. In addition to helping keep dangerous drivers off the road, cell phones have been developed into tracking devices. Families are able to locate where children or a wandering elderly loved one are, as long as they have their cell phones on them. According to the news channel WSLS-TV, many parents have taken advantage of the GPS technology that is made available by various cell phone companies or through parental control software. This way, parents are able to locate where their child is at any moment, along with having access to their call details and text messages.

Parent Kathy Smith of Roanoke, Virginia, checks on her daughter’s cell phone quite often to ensure that she is safe.

“I will check her cell phone when she goes to sleep to see who the incoming calls and texts have been,” Smith told the news source. “I believe there is no thing as being an overprotective parent. You are a parent and you are worried about your child’s welfare.”

Ryan Krawcyzk, a detective with the Roanoke City Police Computer Crimes Department, advises parents to monitor their children’s cell phones along with talking to them about safety and limiting their usage.