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Cell phones help police at the scene of the crime


Police have a wide range of technological equipment they use while on the job, but even with these aids they cannot be everywhere at once. A new iPhone and Android application allows residents to do a little detective work themselves, and possibly help get criminals off the streets, according to the news channel WIFR.

The application, called Crime Push, was developed out of Washington D.C., and it allows individuals to quickly take a video of a crime with just a push of a button if they are too scared to dial 911.

The news source reports that the idea behind the application is quite easy. Users are able to take a video, picture or send a text message to the police anonymously. The police would receive an email with all of the information that was sent to them – except for the name of who sent it, according to the news source.

The app will first be available to schools in Virginia starting next week. However, it is free for schools and police departments across the country – at least for now, the media outlet reports.

Cell phones have been the helping factor in a number of criminal cases as of late. According to The Columbia Basin Herald, four men allegedly conducted a home invasion and burglary in Washington state. The police were able to put the suspects into custody because of what they stole.

The suspects, all from Moses Lake, Washington, broke into a home after one of the men was not allowed to stay the night at the residence. The men entered the home later through the backdoor and allegedly stole the victims’ wallets, cell phones and a laptop, the news source reports.

The police were notified soon after, and by using the GPS technology on the cell phones, they were able to locate where the suspects were only 20 minutes after the break in, the media outlet reports.

In addition, those who fear that their phone might stolen in general can purchase cell phone tracking software. This technology can be used for personal reasons, as it allows the individual to not only locate where their phone is, but see what the person is doing on their phone.