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Best Cell Phone Monitoring Apps 2017


Monitoring apps have become somewhat of a necessity these days. Parents need them to keep an eye on their kids so that they can keep them safe from the online threats. And, employers use them to keep tabs on their employees’ workplace activities. The party being monitored doesn’t enjoy it as much, but as mentioned before, it has become a necessity. If employees are left without supervision, then they will slack off and won’t complete their tasks on the given time. If children’s online activities are left unmonitored, then they will probably end up getting themselves involved in one of the online threats. In these scenarios, cell phone monitoring apps can come in handy. However, in the midst of hundreds of monitoring tools, it can become difficult to find one that caters to your needs. Knowing that we have outlined three of the best options available in the market right now.


Mobistealth is equipped with almost every feature one can ask for in a cell phone monitoring app. It can keep tabs on call records, which will let the user know when and to whom a call was made or received.

Secondly, it has an option that enables users to see entire conversations taking place through text messages or instant messaging apps.

Furthermore, there is a location tracking feature that helps users see where a certain device is at all times. Parents use this feature to see their children’s whereabouts, and employers use it to keep an eye on their riders. However, that’s not all as Mobistealth also offers video and pictures logging, which is quite helpful these days.

Parents can also benefit from web logging history as it allows them to see what their kids are doing on the internet at all times. Other than these amazing features, Mobistealth includes phone wipe options, app logging, Gmail logging, and much more. If you just want to invest once, then Mobistealth comes highly recommended due to its user-friendly interface and wide array of features.


Mobile-Spy is another brilliant app for this job. It contains some amazing features but it is known for its YouTube logging feature. Using this feature, users are able to keep tabs on someone’s YouTube activity with ease. Children of a fairly young age can watch videos that aren’t suitable for them, and with the help of Mobile-Spy, parents are able to know about such things rather easily.

In the workplace, employees waste a large chunk of their time on YouTube, and with the help of this app, employers can see what they are up to without much of a hassle. Other than the infamous YouTube logging, Mobile-Spy enables you to keep an eye on text messages, a few instant messaging apps, call records, and more. If Mobistealth doesn’t do the trick for you or if you are specifically looking for YouTube logging, then Mobile-Spy is your best bet.


mSpy doesn’t have a feature that sets it apart from the rest – it’s just an amalgam of different monitoring apps. It contains a little bit of everything. It’s rather simple and basic but does most of the stuff that you expect from a monitoring app. If you feel that Mobile-Spy or Mobistealth are not doing the trick for you, then you can go for mSpy.