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Cell phone applications and software help owners find devices


Cell phone tracking software systems are becoming little detectives, as people who are victim to their phone being stolen are quickly reunited with their device due to the applications.

One example of this occurred on July 17, when two carjackers stole a car with the passenger’s cell phones in the vehicle in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The victims were quick to notify police of the carjacking and used their “Find My Phone” application to locate not only where their devices were, but the car as well. Also, while the police were on their way to apprehend the suspects, they were currently robbing a 7-11.

“It didn’t require the use of [police] tracking them or getting a judge’s signature. It was a simple app that the user was able to engage from a remote location,” said Tasia Martinez, of the Albuquerque police.

This is just one of the many incidences when a cell phone tracking software has come into play and helped out the police.

According to NBC New York, police were able to find and arrest suspects of a home invasion due to the victim’s application in Bronx, New York. The police reported two men arrived at a woman’s apartment and claimed to be there to fix a leak in the apartment. Once the woman opened the door, the men barged in.

The victim as well as her two children were forced into the bathroom while the robbers searched the apartment for approximately 30 minutes, and they made out with an iPad, iPhone and computer. Once they exited her home, she called 911 and used the device to locate where the alleged robbers were. The police were led to the first suspect, and are still looking for the second, the media outlet reports.

The Find My Phone application is one of many different software and technologies people can take advantage of. In fact, some systems allow the owner to not only keep tabs on where exactly their phone is, but it can also notify the owner if someone is trying to access the information on the phone. This feature is growing in popularity, as more and more people are putting more personal and business data and information onto their mobile devices.