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Does BlackBerry Have Anything Left To Offer?


Blackberry has recently launched another keyboard fitted device. The BlackBerry Passport is a new and more refined version of one its previous, much-appreciated device. Despite this, it is a gadget that users are having a tough time to love. Moreover, users are wondering out loud why BlackBerry isn’t adopting the Android operating system. This would certainly help them deal with a lot of the problems they have been facing.

Bigger Numbers

By shifting to the Android platform, the number of apps available on Blackberry will increase drastically. All those apps which people are unable to use due to the current OS on Blackberry would be within their reach. Also, Android OS would bring in a number of core services, which would improve BlackBerry completely and give it a makeover, quite possibly to an extent that it would entice users to even make a switch to the company. Nokia too has introduced its Android phone. While the Windows look has been kept intact, the phone is actually driven by the Android OS. The results of this experimentation have been pretty good. However, BlackBerry doesn’t appear to be in an experimenting mode like Nokia, and hence unlikely to take such a bold step.

By adopting Android OS, BlackBerry could also solve several of its existing problems associated with its devices. This includes the BlackBerry Classic, which people were eagerly waiting for. However there doesn’t seem to be any hope that BlackBerry will be putting the Android OS in their phones, at least not in the foreseeable future. This is mostly because the company prides itself for the security it has been providing its users and is something for which it was renowned for. Android, on the other hand, has long been criticized over its somewhat fragile security, though such criticism has begun die following the arrival of KitKat and later versions.

Features to Cherish
For the moment, BlackBerry has protection features to offer. Both its software and hardware come equipped with features for maximum protection. The security feature for the OS, the BlackBerry Safeguard, has a 256 bit AES encryption in place. It also has the additional ability of locking down the phone or locating it remotely. It also offers privacy protection online to its users. The flagship Blackberry messenger also offers encryption like no other. Furthermore, while Android has to worry about malicious apps hacking into others to steal data, BlackBerry has safety protocols in place to create barriers between apps so that they do only what they are intended to.

BlackBerry still has some features which give it an edge over its competitors. At the top of the list is the security that it offers. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. With privacy and security issues constantly rising with every passing day, a BlackBerry device could certainly be one of the best to own at this point. They can easily even bank on this factor instead of making more keyboard devices. Thus, if the right call is made by BlackBerry, it could certainly come up in the market and pose a threat to its competition.

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