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BlackBerry and Android: Like Oil and Water?


BlackBerry just launched another keyboard fitted device. Yup, they did it one more time. The BlackBerry Passport is a more refined version of its easier devices, but it’s still one that users have trouble showing much love to. In the middle of that all are some asking why BlackBerry can’t just adopt the Android OS. It would tackle a whole lot of problems that BlackBerry has been facing.

A Good Match?

For starters, the number of apps available on the platform will go up by a significant number. All those awesome apps that people miss out on otherwise would be up for grabs. Plus the Google platform would bring in a whole host of core services helping give BlackBerry and overall makeover and possibly enticing users to make the switch. Nokia already rolled out its Windows OS lookalike phone. You get the pretty face of Windows but get to actually use an Android machine, and the results haven’t been all that bad. But while it was easier for Nokia to pull this off, BlackBerry isn’t exactly in the same boat.

What’s the Harm in It?

With Android in its pocket BlackBerry could weed out so many issues with its devices. This includes the upcoming BlackBerry Classic which some people are hungrily waiting for (yup, there are still people who get excited about these devices). However, it doesn’t seem like BlackBerry will ever be exploring the idea of putting an Android OS on their phones. The main problem? BlackBerry prides itself on the security it has been able to provide its users. During the time it was repeatedly in the news for excelling at security, Android was repeatedly in the news for being the absolute worst in the same department.

At present BlackBerry boasts of protection features that can be the envy of any other platform. Both the software and the hardware are fitted with said features for optimum protection. The OS’s security feature, BlackBerry Safeguard, has a system wide 256-bit AES encryption in place. The platform additionally has the ability to lock a phone down, or remotely locate it. And not to mention that it also offers stellar privacy protection online.  Even the messenger is fitted with encryption like no other. While Android has to worry about one malicious app hacking into another to steal data, BlackBerry has Balance set in place which puts up a barrier between apps that are for work and others that are for personal use.

The Selling Point?

BlackBerry has but a few things left that give it an edge over the rest of the phones that are in the market. Security is at the top of that list. And this is not a small feather to have in one’s cap at all. With each new day bringing a slew of new security and privacy issues, having a BlackBerry device could potentially be the best thing that ever happens to the user (now, if they could just stop making more keyboard devices they just might have a shot).