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Avoid Malware on PCs


Malware threats are a dime a dozen these days. Computer security means nothing unless you ensure that you have been vigilant against the most heinous vulnerabilities and addresses all malware problems. Hackers and scammers are upping the ante on their efforts to find loopholes and backdoors into people’s computers and ergo their personal data. However, being a little conscientious can go a long way for most people.

Know Your Processes

Microsoft’s Process Explorer is a great idea to keep a check on what’s running on your computer. You can actually check out not only the programs that are being executed, but also get a short description of what they are actually doing. This is an interesting way to scan your system for any activity that you don’t recognize.

Trend Micro’s HiJackThis is one example of a process explorer that gets the job done fairly well. It can help you document your computer’s actions into a neat little log. Of course if you can’t decipher the log file tehn you can use an online app to do it for you. Not being a techie should not stop you from keeping your system safe from malware.

Another useful tool is Kaspersky’s GetSystemInfo. This is similar to HiJackThis but it comes with its own online parser. You can use it to analyze your log file anytime you want without any problems. Remember that the key is to know what processes your computer should be running and what popped up out of nowhere. But of course users should also be careful as to not delete processes that they aren’t sure about without proper investigation – you just might end up deleting something useful, so do your research beforehand.

Holistic Approach

Scanners such as these two are useful because they help you get to malware on a very basic level. It’s like counting heads and figuring out where the extra head came from. The best idea is to supplement your little data logging with firewalls and strong antivirus software. There is no single solution that offers long term protection. The likelihood is that despite your snooping and log creation you will need to keep a check on a slew of other problems, most of them will stem from your own PC use rather than any external threats.

For instance, if you keep clicking on phishing attacks then it doesn’t matter how well you have managed to secure your system. Or if you keep on using public Wi-Fi networks without a care then it won’t matter how many logs you create. Ultimately being a smart user of digital services and devices is what will keep you safe.

At the end of the day, creating program logs is just one way to keep a computer safe from malware and malicious software. The likelihood is that this can help minimize danger to a large extent, but a user will always need to demonstrate extra vigilance to truly stay safe and keep their data safe as well.