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Approximately 75 percent of teens own a cell phone, parents try to stay on top


When it comes to smartphones, many think about the iPhone first, as these have become quite popular – especially with teens. A new survey conducted by Piper Jaffray looked at how many teens own an iPhone and how many teens want to buy one within the next few months. After polling 5,600 male and female students, they found that 34 percent own an iPhone and 40 percent are planning on purchasing an iPhone in the next six months, according to CNN Money.

It isn’t just iPhones either – iPads are climbing on a number of teens’ wish lists. The high demand for the iPhone could continue as these teens get older, as they will be more likely to buy an iPhone for themselves down the road, the media outlet reports.

“The bottom line is that 40 percent of students plan on buying an iPhone in the next 6 months while 19 percent of non-tablet owners plan on purchasing a tablet in the next 6 months,” writes Gene Munster, who helped conduct and analyze the survey, the news source reports.

Not only do the majority of teens own a cell phone, but they are using it quite a bit. According to, 75 percent of teens have a cell phone and the amount of applications they downloaded and texts they sent is more than many expect.

The news source reports that kids are sending an average of 2,108 texts every month, with an average of 556,512 words a year. Additionally, these teens are getting around six new contacts each month while talking for 835 minutes per month, which averages to about 15 calls a day. There are also some troubling statistics, as 65 percent have sent a text in the middle of the night, 70 percent have received a text from someone who was not in their contacts list and 69 percent have received a call from someone who was not in their contacts list.

Even though cell phones have become a fixture in modern life, many parents struggle with when to purchase these devices for their children and how to ensure they are behaving properly with their phones. Those who worry their child is not protected may want to install parental control software into their kid’s phone. This way, they can keep tabs on how much they are texting and talking as well as who they call.