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The Best App to Keep Your Kids Safe from Pedophiles


For years, parents have been trying their best to protect their kids from pedophiles, a threat that is just as relentless today as it was a couple of decades ago. The sick-minded predators are just not willing to give up. Unfortunately, the increasing use of cell phones among kids has escalated the threat to new heights as it gives pedophiles direct access to their young and gullible targets. The odds don’t seem too favorable in today’s day and age, but the situation is far from hopeless.

As it so happens, there is an ideal tool available to fight the growing threat of pedophiles. That solution is none other than Mobistealth, a mobile monitoring tool that has the potential to turn the odds in your favor and bring you success in your mission to keep your kids unharmed.

The purpose of using a strong monitoring tool is to learn how to track someone’s phone so that you can know what is going on in your kids’ phones. Though it might seem like an over the edge thing to do, but what you are missing is that these pedophiles are hunting innocent kids to make their lives hell. And, what could be a better place than social media where the kids are most vulnerable? So, this is what you get when you learn how to track someone’s phone:

Monitoring Text Messages and Chat Conversations

Mobistealth lets you monitor your kid’s text messages and chat conversations so that if they are ever contacted by a potential pedophile, you’ll get to know right away. The app delivers everything from the actual content of the messages to the phone numbers or sender/recipient, and the timestamp. The more information you have with you, the better you can respond to the potential threat. Of course, vigilance is required on your part to properly identify the red flags and take an action. Be sure to trust your gut feeling and take even the slightest bit of suspicion seriously.

When you learn how to track someone’s phone, you are actually knowing their chats and making sure that they are not being hurt in any way. Though you don’t have to go through all the conversations, but you are can see where the danger is and you can respond properly if your kid is too shy or scared to do so. This is what Mobistealth does.

Getting Complete Details of Calls and Contacts

Another communication channel that Mobistealth helps you secure is calls. It logs all call details and contacts stored on your kid’s cell phone, giving you a pretty clear idea about who they have been talking to, at what time, and for how long. You are even given access to the phone numbers from which the calls were received or to which they were made.

You simply need to scan the logged data for any suspicious activity such as calls to or from unknown numbers, the frequency of those calls, and for how long those calls were made. Make a list of those suspicious phone numbers and be sure to check them out. You can either ask your kid who these numbers belong to, or you can directly call those numbers from your own cell phone to find out who’s on the other end. If you hear an adult voice, inquire who they are and why they’ve been talking to your kid. If they fail to provide you a satisfactory response, report the number to the law enforcing authorities (LEAs) and block the number on your kid’s cell phone.

By doing this, you are doing your kids a big favor. Kids often get too much scared and they don’t even tell their parents about the pain they are going through. But, if you have learned how to track someone’s phone, you can already know what is going on with them and how can you help them. It is not about intervening privacy, instead, it is about helping them become better at defending themselves. They will learn from your actions.

Location Updates Around the Clock

Even if a pedophile succeeds in trapping your kid and convincing them to meet somewhere, you still have a chance to swoop in and save your kid before something really bad happens. Mobistealth comes with the location tracking feature that keeps you informed of your kid’s whereabouts at all times. If you suspect something’s wrong, but are unable to get in touch with your youngster, you can use Mobistealth to quickly find out where you kid is at that moment, or where they had been in the past few hours. If they are not at some place that you recognize, or they are someplace dangerous, then you can rush to them before the pedophile is able to harm them in any way. This would not just allow you to save your kid, but also enable you and the LEAs to catch the pedophile before he can trap other targets.