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New App Announced By Facebook Promising Anonymity And Privacy


Facebook is soon to release a new app which stays anonymous and is considered to provide privacy however this isn’t the main reason why it is considered to be a great app. With most apps, bullies, spammers and trolls find it easy to stay anonymous and even if they get blocked, they can make a new account and begin their abuse all over again. What’s great about this new app is that Facebook doesn’t plan on leaving room for this to happen.

The Protector

While users who interact with trolls never know who they are talking to, Facebook instead will. Facebook will also not allow any of these trolls to make another login and harass other users on the website. This is ought to bring Facebook with a whole new level of respect from its users as it had initially lost this respect for failing to allow people to keep their details private. Anonymous apps are gaining popularity as people can do what they wish to without having to bear any of the consequences. Hence, Facebook too is giving people the same amount of privacy to people while at the same time ensuring no unpleasant individuals can find their way around it and harass people.

Fake profiles are being cracked down on by Facebook for privacy as well as security concerns along with wanting to reduce the amount of online abuse which takes place. This new app being released will help those with genuine profiles to gain some amount of safety and privacy for themselves. With hackers and spammers constantly stealing others’ identities and with NSA on their tails, this app seems to be God sent.

The app and the idea behind it of giving people back some form of safety and privacy surely sounds amazing and remarkable in such a day and age but is it really something which Facebook itself is offering? The same Facebook which has sometimes made information about people more public than what they would have liked and having messed with their privacy settings? The tech firm also has reports surrounding it regarding its cooperation with government authorities and sending over personal data to them along with shutting down human rights groups in oppressive countries when it would receive official requests to commit such acts. Perhaps it is possible that the privacy and anonymity it claims to be offering will blow up in users’ faces.

Staying Safe

The new app could certainly help people speak up, especially those who are afraid to say what they may wish to. Countries where censorship laws are strict or people are in danger for the kind of views they hold could greatly benefit from such an app. While people who aren’t genuine will be able to conceal their identity from regular users, they will not be able to do so from Facebook. However with Facebook, things can never be this simple which is why one should tread with caution before deciding to use this app or not.


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