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Android Devices Available At Bargains May Have Security Vulnerabilities


This Black Friday, a large number of retailers are willing to give customers amazing deals on smart phones and tablets this year. Not all products offered however are safe for buyers to purchase according to a research which was conducted by a security company called the Bluebox Labs. While these Android tablets may be cheaper, they do have some security vulnerabilities installed in them which don’t make it worthwhile.

The security company got their hands on quite a few of the tablets sold on Black Friday as a bargain from retailers which included Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl and Staples and reviewed them to see how well they work with regard to security. The company found that a number of these tablets had in them security vulnerabilities as well as a number of mis-configurations; some of them were even found to have security backdoors in them. While bargain wise, these were definitely very good, but in terms of security, these were considered to be a bigger concern. A number of buyers are not aware of this factor and go ahead and buy them which leads to their mobile data becoming at risk. A lot of these devices are also made by companies which are unknown and is likely that most Android users may not have heard of them. Bluebox Labs also created a list of devices which shouldn’t be trusted due to the amount of vulnerabilities present in them. These included the DigiLand which is priced at $49.99 and is available from Best Buy; the RCA Mercury which can be found at Target for a price of $39.99; the Polaroid from Walgreen’s which costs $49.99; the Mach Speed Xtreme from K-Mart for a price of $39.99; the Zeki from Kohl’s for a price of $49.99; the Craig 7 for $49.99 from Fred’s Super Dollar; the Mach Speed JLab Pro for a price of $39.99 from Staples; the Pioneer 7 for a price of $49.99 from Wal-Mart; the Nextbook from Wal-Mart for a price of $49.00; the Worryfree Zeepad from Wal-Mart for a price of $47.32; the Ematic from Wal-Mart for $49.99 and the RCA from Wal-Mart for a price of $69.99.

The security company also advises buyers to be very careful when they go out for their shopping on Black Friday, particularly for devices such as these. They also advise that while many may continue to purchase these tablets, it would be best to use them for low risk activities only for example for entertainment, gaming and public web browsing which wouldn’t put their data at a greater risk of getting infected by security vulnerabilities.

The company also advises that in order for consumers to have their data kept safe, important activities such as online banking and making purchases online as well as storing important data shouldn’t be done on devices such as these which don’t have the appropriate amount of security. Using such devices for such high risk and important activities would not only put the data at risk but it would also cause the user to constantly remain worried as to whether or not their data is safe. Thus, it would be best to purchase devices which have better security in place particularly to work on such important activities.