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Android 5.0 Lollipop Issues and Their Fixes


Google brought in a number of new features, changes, and fixes with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. However, just like most updates, the launch didn’t go as smoothly as Google would have hoped. Android forums are swarming with frustrated users facing numerous problems ranging from Wi-Fi connectivity issues to straight up crashes. We have listed some of the most common problems that are being reported, as well as the fix or workaround for them.


Soon after the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, the forums and social networks were filled with complaints regarding crashes. Users reported that they are experiencing random crashes on their smartphones for no apparent reasons. They further elaborated that their devices were working fine on the previous Android version, but soon after updating their device, these crashes have started to happen. This of course is a very frustrating issue, but luckily, workarounds for it have already been discovered. To get rid of the crashes, you can try switching off Google Now, OK Google Support, Bluetooth, Live Wallpapers, etc. By disabling the aforementioned features, a lot of people managed to use their phone without any problem. You can turn on these features when you need them, but it is advised that you turn them off right after you’re done.

Battery Drainage

Battery in smartphones isn’t that good to begin with, but the things really got out of hands after the latest Android version. This was the issue that was faced by a huge number of Android users. No official fix for this problem has been made available thus far, but there are some workarounds available that can be incredibly helpful. One of the fixes includes resetting your phone to factory settings as it takes care of this problem. Another solution is to see which of the downloaded apps are consuming most of the battery and disabling them. The apps that didn’t receive the update after the new Android’s launch should also be deleted as they aren’t compatible and will only drain your battery.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Concerns

This is another major issue plaguing the devices that were upgraded to Android 5.0. Users have encountered an issue where they face regular downtimes during internet usage, and some of the users are not able to connect to internet at all. This problem is also widespread and has affected a lot of users. Some fixes and workarounds for this issue are available, and they have done the trick for a lot of people. First solution once again is to reset your phone to factory settings. Second workaround is to visit your connection settings and forget the network that you use on regular basis. After that, you will have to re-enable it by putting in the password once again. This fix has also worked for several Android 5.0 users. Finally, there are some apps that aren’t compatible with the latest version of Android and whenever you try to make them work on Android 5.0, they affect the performance. It is advised that you get rid of all apps that aren’t compatible with Lollipop.