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Android 5.0 Lollipop: A New Era for Enterprise Security


Android has a new sweet offering for all its fans. Version 5.0 has been dubbed lollipop and people are already going crazy after the mouth watering features that it has to offer in terms of security. Many businesses use Android devices for their stellar features. Despite that, they cannot escape the platforms many security woes. Will the update pack a secure punch?

Overhaul of the decade

The newest member of the Android family has been tweaked to cater to the enterprise sector. This meant having to make it more secure, and we are seeing some major improvements. It is important to note that all Android devices will not be getting this update, so before you start getting excited make sure that your Androids can actually handle the lollipop.

  • Android work

Also being touted as Android for Work, this is a huge change in the architecture and it is aimed at API security. IT staff can use one mutually shared framework to keep a check on the devices hooked into the businesses, including BYOD devices. Uniform policies can be implemented for all devices, which can help weed out a lot of security problems.

  • App deployment

IT admins will have some control over the apps that can be installed through a user’s work profile. These apps have to come from the Google Play store. This can potentially mean huge discounts and cost cuts on apps for a business, and help keep things more secure by allowing for a more controlled installation process. Unless it’s been vetted an approved, a malicious app cannot be installed on the devices.

  • Android Smart Lock

Users can remotely lock their devices by using their Android device manager. Another trusted device can also be introduced into the system that can help them control their device in terms of locking and unlocking it.

  • Factory Reset Protection

If someone steels your device they can’t do much with it because this feature lets a user restrict their device from being reset to factory settings. A remote lock can be easily activated rendering the device useless for the person who has chosen to steal it.

  • Encryption Galore

The FBI hates the new Android. Why? Because of the encryption it brings to the table. The user need not activate this, the new devices actually encrypted by default. Users just need to ensure that they keep the PIN code stored away somewhere because losing it means losing access to a lot of other features. The enterprise version can of course easily store this information for the user without much hassle.

With the new version Android has tried to introduce many features that can help keep data safe, and make it easier to manage for businesses that are investing in Android devices. Lollipop can help augment safety through many of its features and keep users slight more safer than its predecessors. Security is of course the only avenue where Android is struggling, and any steps forward are going to make their mark.