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95% of Android Phones are at a Risk of Being Hacked, Says Researchers


Zimperium, a security research company, has stated that it has discovered a weakness present in Android devices that could endanger almost 95% of the users. This newly found flaw is called Stagefright, and is said to exist in the media playback tool of Android devices.

The researchers have revealed that hackers will be able to utilize this flaw to gain control of almost every single Android device. The worst part is that they won’t have to put too much effort into it. Hackers would only need to send a text message at the number they are looking to hack, and then they will be able to hack into the device.

This puts Android users in a vulnerable position as they have absolutely no way to escape this issue. Once compromised, the hacker will have control over all the functions of victim’s phone. Zimperium reports that as of now, no Android device has been hacked, but things may take a turn for the worse in the near future. With over 95% devices vulnerable to this exploit, you can expect hackers to take full advantage of the situation.

In 2014, more than 1 billion Android devices were shipped worldwide and with so many devices coming out this year, researchers are projecting this number to increase by quite some margin. Android has never been a security haven, but this newly discovered problem can prove to be extremely harmful. Luckily, no device has been harmed just yet by this issue so there’s still hope that Google will take care of it through a future update.

Zimperium has revealed that they discovered this problem back in April and immediately told Google about it. A Google spokeswoman did come up with a response where she pointed out the importance of security measures in Android.

“The security of Android users is extremely important to us and so we responded quickly and patches have already been provided to partners that can be applied to any device,” the Google spokeswoman said. “Most Android devices, including all newer devices, have multiple technologies that are designed to make exploitation more difficult. Android devices also include an application sandbox designed to protect user data and other applications on the device.”

As of now, there’s no fix provided for this issue, but surely Google will be putting its resources into fixing this problem. If hackers start to exploit this problem then it will be Google which will have to pay the ultimate price. Hopefully, a fix for the issue will roll out before any user gets affected by Stagefright.