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5 Signs You are Addicted to your Smartphone


Smartphone addiction has become a very severe issue nowadays as people are so engrossed in the small screen in their hand that they have little to no interest in talking to each other face to face. They are using their mobile phones day in and day out without even realizing they are hooked to it. Worried that you may be one of those people addicted to smartphone? Well, we’ll help you discover whether you’re truly an addict or close to becoming one in this article.

First Thing in the Morning

The very first sign to know if you’re addicted to your phone is by checking your morning routine. Checking phone early in the morning for calls or messages is fine, but if you start to open social networking platforms, start playing games, take it to the shower, etc. then the sign is pretty clear. You are addicted to your phone because you have based your whole life around it. You feel the need to check your status every few seconds, you want to play games, you want to visit different sites, and the worst part is – you want to do all the aforementioned stuff right from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Works like a Drug

Smartphone addiction is no different than any other drug addiction in terms of mannerism. Anyone addicted to drugs is always looking to find more dose, and if he’s unable to get his fill, then things can get pretty ugly as frustration and anxiety starts to set it. If you are addicted to smartphone, you will experience the same symptoms. You will feel anxious and frustrated unless you get your hands on the phone. This is not a joke – this is a very serious condition and is one of the signs that you are addicted to your phone.

You Use it While Driving

As bad as this habit is, it is happening all over the world and is one of the main reasons for most accidents. However, let’s get back to issue at hand. If you are constantly checking your phone while driving to see your social networking profiles or to read the messages that you have already read, then this is a big indication of you being addicted to smartphones.

Late Night Usage

Some cell phone users are addicted to their phone so much that even when they are about to go to sleep, they unlock their phone and start looking at stuff that they have been looking at throughout the day. If you are just looking for notifications or emails, then it’s fine. However, if you are opening up every single app that you just checked a few minutes ago, then the addiction is real.

Using Phone in Parties/Dates

Parties and dates are times where you are supposed to interact with people. However, if you prefer your phone over the people talking to you in these situations, then there’s something seriously wrong. This is actually even more serious than the previous points discussed as you are in presence of people and instead of talking to them face to face, you are glued to your phone. This is happening more than we’d like to admit and if you also do this at parties and dates you’ve quite surely reached the last stage of smartphone addiction. Don’t hide behind the cover of introversion because you were an introvert, you probably wouldn’t have been attending these parties or going out in the first place.


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