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5 Reasons to Stay Away from Free Monitoring Apps


Free does sound good doesn’t it? But when was the last time you really had something good for free? Free is just an illusion. There is nothing you can get your hands on for free nowadays. There is always a price, be it obvious or hidden. Same applies to the free spy apps as well. You download them for free, but there are rarely any free apps that can give you premium services for free. Just because you want to save a few bucks, you get yourself into a whole world of trouble. Wondering how free apps can be a problem? We give you not one, but five reasons.


One thing you look for in spy apps is reliability because you won’t be buying a new one every few days. You just want one that caters to all of your needs. This can only be accomplished through paid apps as they have to keep their reputation, which is why they just can’t afford to fool their clients. Even if someone downloads paid app and doesn’t get the promised experience, they will give it bad review, hence affecting company’s reputation. Free spy apps, on the other hand, don’t have to be reliable because they are free. The features that you actually require for the spying apps are either not present, or are hidden behind pay-wall. Even if you pay for these hidden features, you still can’t expect the best experience.

Free Isn’t Really Free

All the free apps that you download follow a freemium model, which allows you to download the main software or app for free, but to use its features, you will have to pay. People get drawn to such apps only because they’re free, hence increasing the number of downloads for the app. Some people even pay for the features which allow developers to make money. The only reason behind the popularity of freemium model is that it allows you to download the full thing for free. However, once it has been downloaded, the users realize that they have made a big mistake.

Pay Just Once

Most of the paid apps require you to pay just once and then enjoy all of its features for lifetime. All digital downloads can be attached to an account so that in situations where you have to buy a new computer or install a new operating system, you can still use it. This is way more convenient and easier than the free apps which you have to download quite frequently.


Malware lurks around the web and can mostly be found in the free software and apps. We often download most of the stuff from the internet without much research. This allows hackers to sneak malware into the digital gadgets through free software and apps. These specific malware are called Trojans and they possess the ability to completely destroy your mobile’s performance without you even knowing that it exists.

No Customer Support

If the users aren’t getting the expected results from the free app, they would just uninstall it and move on. Due to this reason, most of the apps following freemium model don’t have any customer support which is a major drawback. Knowing that, it is advised that you never go for free spy apps because they may attract you on first sight, but as you dig deep, you’ll only find disappointment.