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5 Reasons to Choose a Paid Monitoring App over a Free One


We have become accustomed to the freemium model and we are finding it very difficult to let go. We only download the software or apps that are available for free without even researching about them. Same is the case with spy apps. People who are interested in them opt for the free ones and when they don’t get their desired results, they just give up on the spying apps altogether. In this article, we will share some points that will discuss and probably convince you to pay for the spying apps instead of going for the free ones.

You Get What You Pay For

It is as simple as it gets. Developers have worked really hard on their apps and they want to get compensated for them. Just imagine yourself in the same situation where you work day in and day out on something and people start to get their hands on your work for free. First of all, that’s unfair and secondly, all of the work put in the app is done only to make it work better. Most of the free spying apps that you found on the web are utterly useless and don’t include a lot of features. The few features that are present in the app have lack effectiveness.

Knowing these reasons, it is advised that you opt for a paid option rather than settling for a sub-standard knock-off for free.

Just One-Time Payment

The freemium model looks good on the surface as the users are able to download the apps for free, but what they don’t realize is that most of the major stuff is hidden behind micro-transactions for which they have to pay. For each feature you need, you will have to pay for it. This becomes incredibly annoying for the users and they get rid of the app. However, with paid apps, you just have to pay for the whole package once and you’re set for a few months or even a whole year. You can attach the bought app to one of your accounts and then you can access it whenever you want.

No Malware Threat

Malware is a big issue nowadays as more people are being drawn to the internet. It has become incredibly easy for the hackers to release different malware on to the web in shape of spy apps and wait for people to download them. These spy apps not only lack in features, but they also bring Trojans into your phone, which on the surface don’t look like they would do much damage, but they can prove to be quite a nuisance. By paying a little money, you will be able to avoid such issues.

No False Claims

A spy app attracts people with its features. A free app will try its best to sell you the app by telling you how many features are available, how many people like it and other similar stuff. However, if you do a little research about such apps, you’ll find out that none of the claims are true. However, when an app is asking for a payment, it is basically getting into a contract with you and if it doesn’t deliver the goods that were promised, you can sue them. Companies try to avoid any kind of lawsuits due to reputation concerns, which is why they don’t misguide customers.


As mentioned above, free spy apps will not only come with fewer features, but will also hide the major features behind the pay-wall. Even if you pay for the in-app features, there’s still no guarantee that they will work. Paid spy apps, on the other hand, have to rely on word of mouth of their consumers, which is why they make sure that their users are getting premium experience. This makes paid apps much more reliable than their free counterparts.