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5 Best Call Monitoring Apps of 2016


If you’re suspicious about the fidelity of a certain someone and want to know what’s really happening behind your back, then maybe keeping tabs on their phone calls can help you get the answers you’re looking for. Of course, the best way to accomplish this is by using call spy apps. If you aren’t too familiar with such apps, then you have come to the right place for help and guidance. We have shed light on five of the best call spy apps available at the moment that will come in handy in a lot of different ways.


If you are really serious about keeping tabs on someone’s calls, then you should definitely opt for Mobistealth. It comes with vast array of features that enable you to spy on calls in proficient way. You can record every single call made or received on the target phone with ease. Furthermore, there is call logging feature that allows you to check complete call details, including call duration, timestamps, and the number from which the call was received or to which it was made. All of these features combine to make an incredible call spy app.


Mobistealth comes with a lot of features that are helpful for different people, but FlexiSPY has been created with the intent of call spying. Once installed on someone’s phone, you will have control over all their calls. You can listen-in on live calls, record calls, and keep an eye on all the call records, which includes phone number of caller or receiver, and call duration. If you are really interested in knowing who is calling who and what’s being said, then FlexiSPY is your best option.


mSpy is another amazing tool for spying on calls. Call logging is also present in this one, so you will get your hands on some of the basic features like checking on phone numbers, people in contact list, call durations, etc. However, this app goes a step further as it allows you to block a certain number. The person you’re spying on won’t even know that a particular number is blocked because this whole thing is done remotely and covertly. If you’re not too keen on spying on calls, but still desperate for some answers, then you should opt for mSpy.

Mobile Spy

This app is for people who just want to keep track of the call details that have been made or received on someone else’s smartphone. You will be provided details regarding all the calls placed and received, along with their duration immediately. It’s a simple to use tool for people that don’t want to get in too deep.

Highster Mobile

This solution offers almost the same type of call logging as Mobile Spy. You will be made aware of the numbers to which the calls were placed or from which they were received instantly. Even if the person you’re spying on gets rid of call details after doing the deed, Highster Mobile will still keep the data, hence keeping you updated all the time. It’s another simple to use tool for people who are looking for an accessible call spy app.