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3 Essential Measures to Protect Your Business from the Pitfalls of Technology


You really can’t keep technology away from your business nowadays. It has become deep-rooted in pretty much all core functions, adding a considerable amount of efficiency to various process, and thus becoming a key to success. However, you can’t let its positive side completely blind you to its drawbacks, especially the ones related to its abuse by employees. You must take necessary measures to protect your business from technology threats. We are going to explain how you can do that.

Invest in Employee Monitoring Software

Since you have your employees working on computers and using cell phones in the workplace, you might want to make sure that they are using these technologies for work purposes only. It is a well-known fact that web-connected devices act as the biggest distraction in workplaces, and also create security risks such as data leakage. There are all sorts of employee monitoring solutions available in the online market these days that can help you tackle this problem. Just look for one that allows comprehensive digital surveillance and invest in it. Do keep in mind that the use of monitoring software is subjected to certain legal requirements and boundaries. Fulfill those requirements and respect the boundaries to avoid any legal complications or facing the wrath of your employees.

Secure Corporate Network

With powerful security solutions available in the digital market, you really have no excuse for leaving your company’s internal network vulnerable to threats like malware, hacking, and unsolicited access. The threat of malware sneaking into your company network is there as your employees are likely to surf the web on the work computer and inadvertently invite something malicious to attack their computer and eventually the network. Hackers penetrate a company’s network in the same manner. Unsolicited access, however, results from inadequate measures to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to access certain type of data, preventing crooked employees from getting their hands on sensitive information and data stored on the network.

Introduce Comprehensive Internet and Cell Phone Policy

Your business can suffer heavily from the distractions caused by personal calls, texting, chat apps, social media, etc. Although it is tempting to prohibit these activities during work hours completely, there is a huge chance that it will only turn your employees bitter towards you and reduce their engagement to the company. A better approach to handle this situation would be to introduce a comprehensive policy that clearly explains the permissible and responsible use of internet and cell phone privileges at work. It is always a good idea to involve representative of employees in the process of formulating a policy in order to increase its chances of it getting accepted without any significant resistance from the employees. Remember to keep revising and updating the policy as technology and trends change.