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3 Most Common Ways Smartphones Become Infected


If you’ve been told that visiting reliable sites and keep downloading from approved stores will keep your smartphone safe and secure, then you’ve been lied to. Malware doesn’t come into your device on its own – you basically invite it in. That’s the thing about malware, you can have all the security precautions, you can be careful about the sites you visit, about the stuff you download, etc. but none of it will matter if you don’t know how malware actually sneaks into your device. Forget whatever you have heard so far and read the points listed below.

Connecting to Infected PC

You visit your friend’s house and you come across something on their computer that you like. It can be a TV show, a movie, or a song. You want that entertaining intellectual property to be transferred to your smartphone and to do that, you have to plug your device into their PC. Now, if their computer is malware-free, then you will have no problem getting this task done. However, if the PC they are using is infected, then that particular malware will also sneak into your device as soon as they connect with each other. You might have installed a bunch of antivirus on your smartphone, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it because you basically invited the malware and antivirus are not built to deal with that kind of thing.

Downloading Trojans from Official App Stores

Official stores are regarded as a safe haven for everything. It is often advised that you should download from only the approved app distribution platforms because the apps there have gone through rigorous scrutiny and are deemed safe. However, that once again is not true. Yes, most of the apps available on the official store are safe, but that doesn’t hold true for all of them. You will come across several apps that will directly ask you to give them permission to spy on you, and you will gladly do it because not a lot of people read the permissions before hitting the download button. Malicious elements utilize this carelessness to their advantage and hide spyware in some of the most common apps. As soon as that app is downloaded, spyware enters into your smartphone and begins to keep tabs on everything. Any information or data present in your device would be in danger and hackers can utilize them in any way they want.

Failing to Exercise Due Caution

Hackers are smart – they know what people do on the web and they try to capitalize on that. Some of them hide malware in torrent files, some hide them in music you pirate, and some hide them in third-party stores. If you have ever used the internet, then there’s a strong possibility that you have done all three of these tasks. This is why hackers have started to hide their work in plain sight. You don’t know that you are literally inviting malware into your device, and that is exactly what hackers are capitalizing on.

Using unconventional ways to sneak malware into target devices has become pretty much unnecessary nowadays. Hackers have gotten a lot more proficient than before and are always coming up with new ways to infect devices. The bottom line is, stop thinking that just because you’re playing by the rules, you will be safe from malware threats.