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Facebook Hack Can Be Done Using These Popular Methods

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There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook has become the busiest social media site with over 18 billion users per month. Facebook’s instant popularity is what led hackers to devise ways to carry out the Facebook hack. In this post, we will discuss some popular Facebook hack methods that are used by people to hack someone’s account.

People have their own set of reasons to hack someone’s Facebook account. If we speak of parents, then they hack their child’s Facebook account to find out what they have been up to on the social media platform lately. This ensures their child stays far away from the online dangers lurking on the platform.

On the other hand, a Facebook hack can be considered by any individual who wishes to keep an eye on their partner’s Facebook activity to make sure they are not cheating upon them and talking to someone else behind their back.

Similarly, even most employees can consider Facebook monitoring options to ensure their employees stick to their jobs and focus on the given tasks during office hours.

Most Popular Facebook Hack Methods

It is true that the internet is laden with hundreds of search results for Facebook hack with the majority of them turning out to be bogus and fake. However, there are only a few methods that help you with the Facebook hack process.

Let’s talk about the most popular methods that are being used by people to carry out the Facebook hack.

Cell Phone Monitoring Apps

Cell phone monitoring apps are known to be one of the best methods to sneak into someone’s Facebook account. A cell phone monitoring app has been designed to monitor someone’s online activity including their Facebook activity.

Once downloaded and installed on the target’s mobile device, the app will begin recording all their Facebook activity and then upload the recorded data to your online user account from where you can remotely monitor the data from anywhere and at any time.

Using a cell phone monitoring app or a Facebook hack tool to hack someone’s Facebook is regarded as the most effective way compared to the others.


Phishing is another way used to hack someone’s Facebook account. This method requires the hacker to create a webpage that looks identical to Facebook’s login page in order to “fish” for your personal information.

Once they create the webpage, they send out the link to the users, asking them to log in to their Facebook via that URL. Users enter their Facebook credentials thinking they are feeding the data on the right page when in reality they are doing it on the fake one.

As soon as they enter the details of their account, the hacker receives the information and uses the same to hack their Facebook account. This is how a person can hack Facebook with the help of the phishing method.


Keylogging is another method that is used to hack someone’s Facebook. A keylogger program or software records every keystroke made by a user on their electronic device. Once it is installed on the target’s device, it records all the keystrokes made by the user, including their Facebook password.

This logged information is then shared with the hacker who then uses it for logging into the target’s Facebook account. A keylogger is used by many hackers who want to gain fraudulent access to someone’s confidential information.

Stored Passwords

Stored passwords refer to the mechanism in which your passwords, including Facebook’s password, is stored on the browser so that you don’t have to remember and type them every time you are logging into your Facebook account.

While this feature is useful to some extent as it makes your life easier, we would recommend it for security reasons. Around 80% of Facebook users still have the habit of keeping their passwords stored on the browser and this needs to be changed if they want to keep themselves safe online.

If the password is stored on the browser, the hacker can break into the password manager and get access to it. It wouldn’t take them much time to break into their Facebook account once they have access to the password.


Sidejacking is another popular method that is used to carry out the Facebook hack. This method takes place on a public WIFI network. Basically, sidejacking means to steal someone’s access to a particular website, let’s say Facebook, especially if it is connected to a public WIFI network.

In sidejacking, the hacker impersonates you for the entire time of your session on Facebook. This is why it is also called session hijacking. The same process is also known as cookie hijacking because the hackers steal the cookies on the internet to get access to your Facebook account.

It has become evident that there are several ways to carry out the Facebook account. However, in our opinion, the most effective and genuine method would be using a cell phone monitoring app for this purpose. Mobistealth is our best recommendation in this regard as it allows you to monitor someone’s Facebook activity stealthily, without letting the target person know about it.

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