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Facebook Monitoring Becomes Easy with Mobistealth

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You must come across a ton of apps claiming that they can hack in Facebook and give all of its control to you, but it's all just smoke and mirrors. No app is capable to carry out Facebook monitoring as of now, but Mobistealth has scratched the surface. With the help of this particular monitoring solution, you can keep an eye on someone else's Facebook messages without much of a hassle.

The best part is that it's not just messages either, you can see each and everything that's being sent or received on Facebook including the pictures, GIFs, emotes, etc. Just a few months back, it wasn't even possible to crack into the infamous platform, but Mobistealth has opened the doors.

This is just the beginning though as developers of this app and others in the same category are trying to give even more control to the users so they can keep an eye on more Facebook activities.

How Does it Function?

Those of you looking to monitor someone must have one big question in mind, how does this app actually work? The functionality is quite simple actually - the only thing you are required to do is install the Mobistealth app on your target's smartphone. It can be tricky of course, but there's just no way around it. However, if do figure out a way to install it, then the rest is easy. You can just sit back and relax, as you will be provided every bit of information you need on your smartphone.

Mobistealth is known for its remote monitoring, which means that after the initial install, you won't ever need to touch your target's phone again. All of their Facebook messages will be logged and you will be notified about each and every one of them. It doesn't have an expiry window on checking these messages either, which means that you can check back a week later and you will still have details about all the conversations that took place in that time. It is meant to be convenient and user-friendly, and it accomplishes both of these tasks quite elegantly.

Upcoming Changes

At this point, there aren't any major changes in the pipeline because Facebook monitoring is a relatively new concept. However, developers are looking for ways to give you access to more Facebook-related activities, which includes access to a friend's list, photo gallery, video gallery, friend requests, and hidden information.

Do note these features aren't going to be implemented anytime soon, so don't get your hopes up just yet. They are in the works but it could take a lot of time to make them work properly. Facebook is a huge platform so developing an app that could keep an eye on each of its activity is obviously going to be a humongous task, but you never know, we may not have to wait for too long for the complete monitoring of the platform. Until then, however, Facebook monitoring only exists for the messages exchanged through Messenger.

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