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Here is How You Should Not Be Using Spy Apps


Spy apps are available in abundance nowadays, allowing people to get their hands on them rather easily. However, they don’t realize how dangerous these apps can be for them. If you’re amongst such users, then you must know that most of the features present in these tools are dangerously close to illegal, depending on their usage of course. If you jump straight to spying on other people without answering the question “are spy apps illegal?”, then chances are you will land yourself in a lot of trouble, which includes going to jail. Knowing that, we have outlined some of the major illegal uses of spy apps so that you can avoid them.

Spying without Consent

If you thought that it would be a nice idea if you installed a spy app on your spouse’s phone in order to see their activities, then you are wrong. If you haven’t informed them of this tool being installed on their phone, and they find out about it, then you are bound to be in a lot of trouble. Your spouse will completely be in their right to sue you for spying because in case you didn’t know, it’s illegal. This is a very serious offense and you can go to jail if found guilty.

Spying on Employees

There is monitoring and then there is spying. If you are an employer keeping an eye on your employees’ workplace activities, and they know about it, then this is monitoring. However, if you are looking at each and every activity they perform, and they don’t know about it, then it is spying. Workplace monitoring is now done on a very large scale and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, when you keep tabs on your employees’ workplace activities without their knowledge, then it is a crime. If any one of your workers finds out and reports it, then you can kiss your company goodbye because you’ll be going to jail for a very long time.

Keeping Tabs on Personal Conversations

A large number of spy apps enable you to see the messages that are being sent and received on someone else’s phone. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if you wanted to make use of this feature for some reason. However, the possibility of it doing more good than harm is close to non-existent. If you’re keeping an eye on someone’s messages, you are going to talk about it in one way or another. This will tick off the other individual and they will know that their activity is being spied on. They are then free to file a lawsuit against you, which can put you behind bars. It really doesn’t matter what your intentions were, the other person will feel that their privacy was violated. At worst you can end up in jail, while at best you can lose your relationship with that individual. So basically it’s a lose-lose situation for you.



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