The grinch who stole data

The grinch who stole data

We are all but too familiar with the nasty Grinchs out there that are eying the prize by plotting to steal precious data off our system through hacking, malware, keylogger software, backdoor exploits etc. Let’s take a look at how data was attacked by one nasty Grinch after the other in 2012, and how it affected the data industry as a whole.

Grinch Who Stole Data


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5 Responses to “The grinch who stole data”

  1. Jacob says:

    i really loved it, great work!

  2. Alan Charncok says:

    Looks and reads well, but Jane it takes to long to load up, lost interest half way through.

  3. jessie yeow says:

    hi do i need to jailbreak the phone only i can use the software ?
    cause i have researched many software all is need to jailbreak the phone the the software can only be function .

    any better solution without jailbreak the phone ?

  4. Troy says:

    Very useful infographic. It only goes to show that our personal information are truly vulnerable on the internet. Hackers can get through different websites and malware can compromise the security and safety of our personal info.

  5. Franklin White says:

    Great infographic but scary statistics.


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