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Keep Tabs on Someone’s Smartphone Gallery with Mobistealth


Mobistealth combines the features of pictures and videos logging and allows you to keep an eye on whatever is present in someone else’s smartphone Gallery. This is a pretty handy feature, especially for the parents who have to keep an eye on their kids’ activities to ensure they aren’t doing anything risky or inappropriate. Kids nowadays take all kinds of pictures of themselves and share them on social media without thinking about the consequences. Same is the case with videos. They make them in their free time about all sorts of things, good and bad, and then upload them for all the people to see. However, if you have Mobistealth installed on your kids’ device, then you monitor pictures and videos on their smartphones, which in turn allows you to stop them before they upload something that could harm them. Here’s how both of these features work and how they can help you ensure safety of your kids.

Picture Logging

Picture logging feature of Mobistealth does exactly what it is supposed to. Once installed on your kids’ smartphones, it provides you sight of each and every image that makes its way to their Gallery. If you come across a picture that you think should not be uploaded anywhere or even stored on the phone, then you can have a quick word with your kids and explain the dangers of sharing such photos publicly. Once children realize that you are watching their phone, they will most likely stay in line and will behave themselves when taking pictures in the future.

Video Logging

Video logging works quite similarly to picture logging. You’re provided access to all the videos present in your kids’ smartphone Gallery. Again, if you come across a video that can do more harm than good on a public platform, then you should intervene right away and tell your kids to get rid of it. Videos are way more dangerous than pictures when uploaded for general public to see. If you explain the consequences, your children will most likely delete the said videos and will stay careful in the future.

Know that your role as parent really matters. If you don’t tell your kids about this stuff, then they would succumb to all sorts of problems, and you will only have yourself to blame. Monitoring your kids’ smartphone Gallery may not sound like an ethically correct option at the moment, but in the long run, you will realize that you will be glad that you did it. Kids crave for attention these days and when they’re not getting it, they go out of their way to get it. This kind of behavior of modern-day children make them quite vulnerable on the web, which is why you should keep tabs on their Gallery and explain to them why uploading revealing videos or pictures of themselves can only cause harm. Kids rarely make it obvious, but they do listen to their parents. And if you explain to them the dangers of the internet, they will most certainly understand.