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Staying Safe Over Public Wi-Fi Networks


Public Wi-Fi networks are not always as harmless as they may seem to be. But what can one do when they are out of their homes and need to use their device over the internet? There isn’t much anyone can do to ensure that the public connection they are about to make use of is secure. However what can be done is that a person can make sure their device is strong and engage in habits which keeps their devices and their presence online safe.

Beef It Up

Multi-factor or two-factor authentication is what is used to ensure that a person needs two or more pieces of data to access any account. This could consist of perhaps making use of a password as well as an authentication code which would be sent to your email or your phone for instance. Why is this authentication important? It is important because in case your account does get hacked or anyone gets access to any sensitive data, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with it because they wouldn’t be able to have any physical access to your phone.

Hackers Galore

There are times when a hacker may even set up a fake Wi-Fi network so that people get attracted to making use of a public network which is free. The local coffee shop for example could have a hacker setting up a free connection to entice customers to make use of it. Thus, if you aren’t using the official connection of the coffee shop and instead log on to the one created by the hacker and do not have a software protecting your device, the chances are high that your device would be attacked and would get you into a lot of trouble. Thus, it would be better to be more prudent the next time you decide to connect to a network in public.

Security? Security!

It is likely that your device has come with a firewall however if it didn’t, make sure that you get one. The firewall has access to all the data that is being sent or received and while it may not be able to give you protection entirely, it would provide you with some kind of safety for sure. Having a good firewall can help in weeding out some issues.

It is also a good idea to encrypt your browser while you make use of it online. The best way of doing so would be to get a plug-in that turns web viewing into an HTTPS experience. While most websites make use of plain text when transmitting data, it increases the risk to attacks and hacks whereas an HTTPS connection sends and receives data through an encryption connection. This is what is needed to increase the security of your system. While websites such as Google and Facebook have such a connection by default, getting a plug in for those websites which don’t would be a good idea.

Threats are likely to exist in the digital world which is why it is a good idea to make you safe while using the internet.


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