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How SMS Location Tracking Helps Delivery Based Organizations


A lot of service based organizations these days rely on delivery of products. These deliveries are made all the time, which means most of the workforce, spends their time outside of workplace premises. When they are out of the premises, they have no one watching over them, which means that they can slack off. They can take a few breaks along the way, can visit unrelated places, can waste time talking to their friends, and so much more. The worst part is that you as an employer can’t do anything about it because there is no way to know what happens after an employee leaves the workplace premises. This has been a huge issue for employers who deal with deliveries on regular basis. Fortunately, now there is a way to deal with this problem and it’s called SMS location tracking. What is this new type of location tracking is and how it can help delivery based organizations has been discussed below.

SMS Location Tracking

Let’s first discuss what SMS location tracking actually does. Instead of relying on GPS tracking or Wi-Fi triangulation system, SMS tracking makes things rather simple. Once a message is sent or received on one’s phone, their location pops up on the map. This makes it very easy for employers to keep an eye on their workforce. Wi-Fi triangulation system and GPS tracking worked really well in the past, but now people have found a way around them. However, there is no way to escape from SMS tracking as it is not under their control. You can send them a message anytime you want to know their location, and it will pop up on the map.

How it Helps Employers

As an employer, if you want to keep tabs on your workforce, all you have to do is install a monitoring solution containing this feature on your employees’ smartphones, and then you can know about their location by simply sending a message. This way, they will always be under your radar the whole time and won’t be able to slack off or waste their time on mundane activities. A few companies that have tried it so far have been pretty successful. Some of the employees did try to sneak in a couple of chores but they got caught instantly. That’s the power of SMS location tracking, you transfer the whole control of monitoring to yourself. The workforce soon realizes that there is nothing they can do to hide from you so they accept it. They keep their focus on the tasks at hand, make their deliveries on time, and return to the workplace premises as soon as they are done with their order. This helps the company stay in top form and also makes the employees more efficient. So, if you are running a delivery based organization and would like your performance to stay on point, then we highly suggest that you give SMS location tracking a shot.