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To search the web anonymously, a VPN service is required which blocks the IP address along with other personal information as well. However if you want a search from being recorded in your web history, you need to make use of a different search service.

Every search engine makes use of a unique combination of factors to find pages which are related to the terms which you enter proving that there are a number of routes to access the information you need. While a number of people make use of Google for conducting their searches online, they do so mostly out of habit, not because they feel it is faster or gives more accurate results. When you wish to search without Google recording what you search for, the best option is to use another search engine.

Moving on to passwords, some experts suggest that you write down your passwords whereas others suggest the opposite. Another option is password managers however these aren’t any better than other programs at keeping your sensitive data safe. The best thing to do is to create your own password; one which is strong and easy to remember at the same time. Think of any phrase and then use the first letter in the phrase, add some numbers and characters and you’ll have a strong password.

Every telecommuter knows what a VPN technology is i.e. virtual private network. This is used by companies to make sure their internet connections are secure as this allows snooping to be prevented. The disadvantage of VPN’s on the other hand is that the encryption tends to slow down the network link. Free VPN services also limit the amount of downloads to a certain number each day. If these restrictions are something you can live with, trying out a free VPN service is your best bet.

Smartphone thefts have been on the rise and one reason why these are targeted is because they’re easy to resell. If you don’t lock your phone and have added a remote data wipe app, any thief could easily use the private information stored on your phone and could even sell it.

A number of people don’t think that locking their phones is worth the effort however they can be very helpful in case your phone gets stolen as the lock prevents any hacker from accessing your data. All major cell phone carriers also tend to have their own stolen phone registry which is why you should report it to the authorities and the companies in case your phone gets stolen.

Another thing you can take advantage of is to make sure to turn on the automatic software updates in Windows as this could avoid problems from occurring. The risk of being a victim of a bad software update is much less than not having any protection at all.

It is also a good idea to make use of a disposable email address. Some sites do require an email address to be provided for people to be able to use the site. Giving your daily email address can lead to you receiving a lot of spam which is where having a disposable email id helps. If you feel you won’t have to correspond with the service, put down the address you know you will not be using.

While everyone knows that antivirus software’s and firewall needs to be used, not many backup important information on their hard drives. It is important to do so in case something happens to your computer. Every user of Windows should also have a boot disc at hand; the support site of Microsoft explains how a repair disk can be created and used for Windows 7.

You should also be careful when conducting financial activities online and try limiting it. Instead, opt for person-to-person interactions for any banking activities you need to conduct.

It would also be a good idea if you view your emails in plain text. Every major web mail service by default requires you to manually allow images to be displayed when you receive emails from someone you don’t know. This helps in reducing the chances of an email full of malware to be activated the minute you open it.

An online survey of computer experts suggests that leaving on your PC and other network connected devices or turning them off depends on certain factors. While turning these off when not in use will certainly help in reducing the chance of them getting infected, it should also be considered that software vendors and network managers tend to apply automatic updates in the middle of the night and turning off the device may prevent from important updates from taking place.

On the other hand restarting your device can help improve its performance by shutting off processes which you may have forgotten to. However restarting doesn’t always help and it could cause its lifespan to reduce. Thus, it totally depends on what you wish to do.