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Get Rid of Time Wasters Through Employee Monitoring


Now that social networking platforms are readily available, they have become an important part of our lives. However, some people have taken way too much liking to these platforms and are spending most of their time on them, even when they are in the workplace. This obviously affects their work and the company itself.

Unfortunately, there is very little you, as an employer can do to avoid that. Even if you scold them, they will still go back to doing the same thing after a couple of days.

In order to completely prevent time wasting at work, you will need employee monitoring tools like Mobistealth. With their help, you can see how much time your employees are wasting on social media and other mundane sites, hence giving you the complete picture of your organization. Instead of singling out an individual, you will be able to see everyone and will know who amongst them are prone to wasting their time at work.

Proof in Hand

Without employee monitoring tools, you have to rely on others to give you the information on time wasters. However, with monitoring solution at your disposal, you are overseeing everything. The task of finding out time wasters becomes a whole lot easier as you have a record of every individual’s browser history. You can see how much of their time was wasted on mundane sites. With proof in hand, you are able to make a case of yourself and in the end, the employee also realizes that there’s no escaping the prying eyes, and keeps their focus on the task at hand.

Punish them if Required

Even after the warnings, if you see people visiting non-work related websites excessively, then you should penalize them. You are running a business and if someone is not performing their assigned tasks, then there is absolutely no point in keeping them around. Punishment like this may seem harsh, but you have to make an example out of someone, otherwise, the employee monitoring would fail.

Can’t Work All the Time

As an employer, you also need to understand that employees can’t work all the time they are at work. They do need to let off some steam. However, there’s a limit to that – if an employee is going overboard with their time wasting, then they need to be stopped. If you don’t stop it in the beginning, other people would start to waste their time as well, and soon everyone in the workplace would be doing it. It will have a huge negative impact on you and your company. So in order to keep things in check, you should seek help from a monitoring solution and should take harsh decisions when necessary.


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