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New PC Bug And How To Avoid It


If you have ever received a Power Point presentation from someone you do not know then it is best to not open it. The best thing to do would be to delete the file unless you know who the sender is. By doing so, it is highly likely that you will be avoiding yourself getting into a security related mess. Microsoft Office has lately found a bug which can certainly cause its users a lot of trouble.

Little Bug, Big Problems

While this bug is little, it isn’t considered so with respect to the amount of damage it can do. The Power Point feature in Microsoft Office has a loophole in it which can cause your entire system to be compromised regardless of the version of Windows you may have working on your computer. While steps are being taken by the company to rectify this problem, one needs to be careful of this bug which can certainly wreck the Windows system if it manages to get inside.

The bug has the ability of attaching itself to any OS related to Windows. This includes Windows 7 or 8, Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Windows RT and Windows Vista as well. While not much has been heard regarding Windows XP but chances are that the bug can infect it as well.

When the bug gets executed on any system, it gives the attacker control to the system similar to what you have. This allows them to install any apps they may like and execute any codes, things which can be done by the admin only. Seems pretty scary doesn’t it? The bug is part of the direct piece of the OLE system which is attached to Power Point. While it lets you put data and other stuff into your presentation, it also has the ability of being a vulnerability. While previously this was thought to be a secure software, problems are beginning to occur with it as well.

Avoiding It All

The best part however is that the bug can be avoided if you do not open any presentation which has been sent to you by an anonymous person. Presentations shared online are generally not safe hence when you receive one in your email it would be best not to open it. Apart from this you also need to make sure that you do not download random files from the internet. Even if you find a presentation online which has everything you are looking for, do not download it.

To control the situation, you can also make use of the User Account Control option. If your version of Windows has this option, make sure it is enabled. Not only will it get rid of the bug but it will always ask you for permission and prompts to ensure that you aren’t opening a file harmful to your computer. Similar to most threats, you can easily keep safe from the impact if you stay smart regarding how you use the internet or anything which is digital. One needs to be smart to keep safe.