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Nokia Revises Strategy: Opens Security Hub In Berlin


Nokia recently introduced its new centre of security in the German capital, Berlin. This was done in consideration for the changes made to the company’s strategy concerning mobile security.  This new, state of the art, security centre will include a startup space, an area for demos and various facilities for research.

The major purpose of the demo area will be to display the products of the company that will deal with the existing threats and it will also determine possible threats that might occur in the future. The demo centre will comprise of a test LTE network.

A New Frontier

The company has developed a competence centre along with the demo centre. This centre has a lab setting and includes technology from the mobile network infrastructure of Nokia and also from its partners. The foremost function of this centre is to determine the value of the security related products when launched in a real setting network. To check if the stability of the network is affected by testing a specific product, the traffic simulators of the competence centre are developed to house up to 5,000 base stations.

An Intensive Knowledge Exchange Platform will be provided by the company’s security centre. This centre has been set up near educational institutions such as Technical University of Berlin and Fraunhofer Institute. The Nokia Security Centre will also include a startup area.

The head of the Nokia Security Centre, Jon Kok stated that through the centre the company aimed to search for potential threats and make use of cases with the help of the company’s operators. If demand in the market arises for new technology and methods then the security centre would examine the industrial setting of startups to determine which one would be appropriate for which field. The centre plans to collectively invest in those particular areas together in collaboration with Nokia Growth Partners. These startups might later be added to Nokia’s own product range.

What’s Next?

The security centre was created by Nokia after the establishment of the security business unit in June. Before this security was only sold as a part of mobile infrastructure assistances. Nokia has also put in massive effort for the development of a security environment around the company. When the company identifies new potential threats, it collaborates with suitable companies that can help it tackle and handle the threats.

Due to the ever increasing threat to mobile users, Nokia has decided to bring changes to its security strategy and has also brought changes to its budget which is allocated to address this issue. Jon Kok further stated that in the present world a lot of attention is being given to the security issue concerning mobile network operators’ infrastructure and therefore the demand for investment in this area is also on the rise.

The changing threat to mobile carriers is stimulated by a rise in the use of IP from many mobile networks. Cybercriminals have started directing their criminal activities towards mobiles and also phone bills of consumers. The threats have also increased due to the rise in demand because of the precarious network environment.