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A Necklace Fit For A Hacker


If you’re a techie and into jewelry then this is something that you might ask Santa to get you for Christmas. Apparently, you can now get your hands on a USB necklace that can hack yours or anyone else’s computer with supersonic efficiency.

This Is Not A Bond Movie

But it totally should be. It’s funny how our tech is starting to actually resemble some plot from a spy movie. With smartwatches that can do more than just tell time to prototype selfie drones that can fly around for the perfect shot. The latest in a long line of weird devices that seem too high-tech to be true, we have Samy Kamkar coming out with a necklace that he wears around to, you know, hack any computer he wants to.

This is the same person that has worked on incredible projects like the massive worm that helped take MySpace down during 2006. He also has SkyJack to his credentials, the drone that can find other drones and actually hack them. Sounds like something right out of a movie? Seems like it.

A Peculiar Little Thing

The necklace, which is the most interesting piece of jewelry anyone has come across all year, is called the USBdriveby. It’s basically a microcontroller hiding in a USB, turned into a pendant. When attached to a computer’s USB port it immediately hooks itself in and begins exploiting a number of security flaws that are already present in the computer. When give just a minute it can do a whole lot.

The little USB necklace starts out by acting like it’s the mouse or keyboard of the target device. It can shut down OS X’s firewall with no sweat at all. Even if someone has a monitor app like Little Snitch on the clock they aren’t safe, the USB can literally lull it back to complacency by telling it everything is okay. Your DNS settings can not only be messed around with, they can actually be adjusted based on what he hacker needs to do to your system. In simple terms, this means that they can change any or every web page you want to visit with one of their own and ergo easily steal passwords, sensitive information, and a whole lot more. It can erase its own footprints and wipe out any settings or screens that it may have access while it’s in the system. Some people are probably wondering what happens once it’s disconnected and there’s no physical access to the PC available anymore. Before it exits the systems architecture the USB creates an outbound link with a remote server which can be used to send out more commands to the system.

It isn’t just cool, it’s also a bit scary. It takes a minute to not just pry open the computer to this extreme but to take control of so many elements within it. While some people are running with the misconception that the USB only works on the OS X, the reality is that this can be implemented on any OS at all. Kamkar himself says it’s compatible with both Windows and “Nix.”