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How Monitoring Solutions Help Keep Workplace Time Wasting Under Control


It is no hidden fact that your workforce waste time in the workplace, and to some extent, you can let them get away with it. However, some people take this liberty way too far and don’t work on any of the assigned tasks. Other employees get influenced by these particular employees and start doing the same thing – waste time at workplace. Soon, this becomes a trend and hurts overall performance of the company. As an employer, you just can’t accept that because if things go on like this, you and your firm would go down the drain real soon. You need to do something about it and the best possible way to deal with time wasters is to deploy monitoring solutions. How they work, how they help you identify time wasters, and how they help increase productivity has been outlined below.

How Do They Work

Monitoring solutions are designed to keep tabs on social networking apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Kik, Skype, and more. So, any communication taking place through them would be presented to you up front. Furthermore, they come with web browser logging that lets you see what websites your employees visit on daily basis. If you run a business that requires employees to leave premises, there is a solution for that as well. It’s called location tracking. You can track your workforce via GPS or SMS. The point is, monitoring tools are resourceful and they do a pretty good job of keeping tabs on your workforce

How They Help You Identify Time Wasters

As soon as monitoring tools are deployed, they begin to keep tabs on almost every activity that is being performed on the work devices. All of these activities are reported straight to you, so that you can see what your work force is up to. Employees will also know that they are being watched, so they will most likely stay in line. However, if you see still an individual excessively visiting non-work related websites or chatting with random people, then you should immediately penalize them. This will serve as a lesson for everyone and in the future, they will stick to the assigned tasks.

How They Can Help Increase Productivity

Instead of using a monitoring solution as a punishing tool, you can use it as a reward system. Now that you are seeing what your employees do at all times, you have a chance to reward people that actually put in hard work. If someone is not slacking off one bit and is giving their 110%, then they must get rewarded for their effort. Seeing that hard work is being reward, they will work even harder, and other employees would start to focus on the assigned tasks as well. This will eventually motivate everyone to work hard, hence increasing company’s overall productivity. Therefore, just by deploying a monitoring solution, you can literally change the future of your company.